Sample HR Management Essay on The Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Performance: Evaluation and Utility for Management

Question 1

David was justified in emphasizing that the job, not the person should be evaluated. Indeed, Lewis (45) reckons the incident is a common issue that occurs in an organization when the leadership fails to distinguish between performance appraisal of employees and job evaluation.  Marianne’s position of a receptionist is very significant to the entire company irrespective of the competence of the person who does it or how effective the job is done. Considering that receptionist has demonstrated outstanding performance and possess competent skills, the organization may contemplate on transferring her to a high rate position. However, as noted by Factor (34-35) it is often regarded as a serious offense to reevaluate the job description primarily because of upgrading the position of a particular employee.  Such a decision may conflict with the payment structure.

Question 2

I do believe there is a maximum rate of pay for every job in an organization regardless of how well that job is being performed. As pointed out in the case study, an employee that holds a higher position will only receive a higher pay if promoted to another position with a higher pay scale.  However, if the job is reevaluated the pay scale will reflect the job position. This is a move that may result in demotivating the employees, both the subordinates and top-level staff. It may create a feeling that the appraisal is for the overachievers and recognition via a pay increase is never enough to acknowledge the efforts put forth by employees. Furthermore, the lack of equitable financial rewards or extra recognition may eventually result in a high turnover of employees.

Question 3

Marianne can obtain a salary increase if she gets a promotion for a job in a higher pay grade. Also, she can only enjoy salary increase if the company conducts a thorough adjustment on remunerations for all the existing jobs in the company.  Also, job re-evaluation can also result in a pay increase.

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