Sample HR Management Coursework Paper on Development Plan

Development Plan

Assess the legalities of training

It is the sole responsibility of employers to ensure that employees are effectively trained to work safely in organization. Most employees may not have hands on experience when they join and so it important to train them so that they may acquire necessary skills and gain familiarity with an organization and its activities. Most importantly, it is critical for human resource managers to carefully document and record training sessions conducted to help in appraising employees to ascertain whether they are ready for upcoming position requirements. To ensure that training sessions are successful and meets requirements it is vital for human resource managers to address and assess legalities. First area to address is health and safety provisions, it is important to highlight to the employees the need to ensure that all works activities are conducted in the most healthy and safely way. It has been revealed that training should adequately impart knowledge to employees on the need to operate in a safe environment and at the same time not endanger the life of others in work environment (Ferrazzi, 2015). For that matter, development plan should ensure that its training sensitizes the employees on how they can professionally handle work activities in most safe way. Furthermore, training plan should also address issues on discrimination, harassment, copyright and patent considerations, and how to handle customers without prompting litigations and compensations.

Determine whether the plan could offend any of the protected classes.

In respect to offending protected classes, having a comprehensive work health and safety training plan that is uniform and does not affect anybody irrespective of class is a must. For that matter, this kind of training program in universal to everybody in work environment. Health and safety training should be conducted to all staff as this will ensure that they observe safety guidelines thus not harming each other. Offering health and safety training is critical for the success of a business organization because it makes sure that employees are not injured or made ill by the kind of work they do. Moreover, offering universal health and safety training aids the development of positive culture in work place where staff works as a team and working becomes second nature to everyone. Further, it makes it easy to manage health and safety issues better while meeting the legal responsibilities of an organization of protecting and ensuring safety of all employees. Significantly, training on discrimination, harassment is also universal because they ensure that employees are enlightened on how to work in harmony without any hitches.

Whether you will use the plan as the sole weighting

This program, incorporating training is a vital tool used in determining the eligibility of personnel for promotion. Promotion is important to organizations because it motivates employees and greatly urges them to work hard for advancement and development. It is opined that in good human resource practices, employees should be subjected to promotion opportunities to ensure that they contribute constructively to the goals and objectives of a business organization (Lipman, 2013). Employees need to feel valued and appreciated for their efforts towards contribution to goals and objectives, in return the organization need to reciprocate by assuring them of their continued support while fostering development. Notably, employers who do not take in considering employee advancement and development tend to experience staff crisis and brain drain because staffs tend to find new organizations offering opportunities for growth.

Management should actively involve employees in decision making process touching on promotions. Training is critical in preparing employees for succession where they take over responsibilities and position of their superiors. Succession is inevitable because incumbents can resign, retire or be fired and thus create room for other people. Promotion and performance appraisal must be integrated in business operations to identify those eligible for promotions and advancement. All programs spear headed by human resource managers should always focus on ensuring employee growth and development. This is critical in ensuring increased productivity and achievement of long term goal and objectives set. As a matter of fact, it is the responsibilities of employees and stakeholders to remain motivated to success and promote the culture of inclusivity.

Conduct a cultural assessment of your terminology

Cultural assessment is important for any organization that wants to succeed. People who work in organizations may have different cultural beliefs and values that if not take into account mat degenerate into conflicts. Therefore, development plans must make sure that cultural diversity of individuals is address appropriately. For that matter, business entities must effectively consider both internal and external factors reacting with the organization to align business activities as per the goals and objectives set. Cultural diversity greatly affects business operations and is therefore critical for the success; every employee irrespective of cultural orientation must be involved in implementation of development plan.

Consider the various aspects of EEOC

Federal laws cautions against discrimination in work environment, therefore EEOC vehemently promotes and interprets laws against discrimination. This body carries its objective by holding hearings and plays active role in administrating laws touching on personnel in federal government. The agency has been on the forefront in prohibiting discrimination based on gender, color and religion. Therefore, business organization cannot discriminate employees based on their diversity when it comes to matters concerning compensation, promotion among others. Moreover, the agency addresses other areas such as discrimination based on pregnancy and disabilities to ensure equality.


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