Sample History Paper on To what extent are women casualties of war and terror in the MENA region

Paper topic: To what extent are women casualties of war and terror in the MENA region?


The paper discusses how women rights are being violated during war. In armed conflicts soldiers terrorize women in plenty of ways. Including sexual violence, physical abuse, and forced displacement. These tactics are instruments of war and terror intended to hurt and punish women, destroy communities, and force women to flee.


This topic is important because current literature doesn’t focus much on the issue. Children and other marginalized groups often come under the umbrella of women, which is evident in the core claims of feminist theorists. The goal is spreading awareness and showcase that women and other marginalized groups are by far the biggest victims of war and conflict in the MENA region. And also, that decision makers should consider the suffering that these groups go through due to the aftermath of wars, and possibly intensifying their efforts to combat the insurgencies caused by terrorist attacks carried out by organizations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda and etc.


This research will focus on women struggles during war, and how their rights are being violated which makes this topic very critical since it’s a very sensitive one, all information should be precise and accurate, information should be examined closely, and the use of reliable sources is extremely important.