Sample Book Review Paper on The Fall of Rome; the end of Civilization

Fall of Rome and the end of Civilization is a book written by Ward-Perkins aiming at
narrating the history of the Ancient Roman rule. In his writing, he largely puts to the light the
mode of ruling and attributions the people faced mainly taking place between the ruling error of
the Rome and that of the Tribes of Germans and their culture.
At the start, Ward-Perkins directly talks to the reader about his life at Rome. As it comes
out in his narration, it is clear that he didn’t like the ancient Romans way of lifestyle (Bryan
Ward-Perkins, 2003). For example, ignoring the bread and butter and preferring to eat the cake.
The romans were advanced. They had in place new set of laws that ensured molarity which as a
result improved lifestyle. There knowhow in the engineering sector contributed immensely.
Roads, long withstanding buildings, underground sewage systems were made.
However, despite the developments in the roman state of finance, military, power and religion
being in place, a number of issues led the fall of the empire.
The rising of the new religion Christianity threatened Roman society. The ancient religion
viewed the emperor as a god, with many not going against due to their power. On the other hand
Christianity did not go well with this, which resulted a lot of people to lose respect for the
emperor and the empire. Corrupt governance, political instability, and power struggle all
incapacitated the empire.


These events taking place at similar times caused the empire to slowly crumble. The
ruling could not survive. The emperor surrendered power and the result was the end of
civilization (Pohl, 2009)



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