Sample History Paper on Latin American issue


The final project is a term paper (approximately 2500–3000 words, or 10–12 pages) on a Latin American issue. Your final paper should include at least ten references, and at least five of these references should be from peer-reviewed sources.

You may communicate with your Open Learning Faculty Member as you develop your chosen project idea from the list below. You will complete and submit your final project after you have completed Assignment 4.

Write about ONE topic from the following list.

  1. Explain how globalization has impacted and changed the entire region we call Latin America.
  2. Explain the origin of the BRIC countries and how Brazil became a member of BRIC. What is the role of BRIC, and Brazil in particular, in shaping the rise of the Emerging Economies and the G20? How has BRIC, the Emerging Economies, and the G20 group challenged the dominance of the world by the West?
  3. How has the debt problem shifted from Latin America to European countries? What are the major causes of this important shift?
  4. How did President Hugo Chavez and Venezuela challenge American imperialism in Latin America? Which Latin American countries have been the major supporters of Chavez and Venezuela in challenging US imperialism?
  5. How has American warmongering disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East helped Latin America to escape continued US imperialism in Latin America?
  6. How has the massive increase in migration into the US by Latin Americans changed Latin America? Comment on whether Latin Americans who return to lands which were taken militarily from Mexico by the US should be considered illegal immigrants.
  7. Has the continued high demand for illegal drugs by Americans caused the drug menace in Mexico? What solutions would you recommend?
  8. Explain why free trade areas such as NAFTA benefit all of the member countries. Explain how trade is different from colonization. Focus on the key factor that trade is mutually beneficial to all parties because it is voluntary, while colonization benefits the imperial power at the expense of the colonies because it is imposed by military force.
  9. Explain why it’s impossible for Latin America to develop and increase its per capita income without global free trade, foreign investment, population control, and emigration out of Latin America. Comment on why foreign debt incurred for investment and economic growth is good debt; whereas, foreign debt incurred for private or public consumption is bad debt.