Sample History Paper on Expression of Interest Submission

Final Project – Expression of Interest Submission

You are encouraged to start thinking about the final project while working on the readings and activities for Module 1. After you have completed the 3rd activity in Module 1 present a brief expression of interest in writing on a specific topic/subject to your Open Learning Faculty Member. The expression of interest will take the following form:

  • Topic sentence;
  • One or two sentences explaining your interest in the subject you have identified in the topic sentence;
  • Brief outline of the content/sub-topics that you intend to explore and address; and
  • At a minimum, a list of 4-5 books, journals, or articles that you expect to draw upon to write your essay. These will demonstrate that you have given thought to the resources that you will need to approach the topic.

Upon review of your expression of interest, your Open Learning Faculty Member will advise on the appropriateness of the topic and availability of suitable material for you to proceed with your research of the subject. Once your Open Learning Faculty Member has approved the topic, you can move forward with your research. Should the Open Learning Faculty Member conclude that the topic is too broad or that suitable resources will be unavailable, you will be advised to refine your expression of interest into something more workable.

The course textbook and modules are a valuable source of bibliographic content. Your first step should be to examine the bibliography in these works to identify sources that might satisfy your research needs. In addition, there is a link at the end of every module which will direct you to a bibliography of appropriate works according to region or country.