Sample History Paper on Chinese Buddhist archaeology

This course examines key issues in will foundation and emergence of the classical tradition in early China, from the Neolithic through the rise of the first empire. Using a wide range of historical and archaeological data, we will explore the development of ritual authority and particular concepts of kingship over time in relation to social memory. The lectures will weave together the major benchmarks in the emergence of the classical tradition, particularly how legacies of prehistoric interregional interactions, state formation, urban florescence and collapse during the late third and the second millenniums BCE laid the critical foundation for the notion of Three Dynasties among Zhou elite.
These lectures will develop a new anthropological understanding of the long-term processes that enabled a classical civilization in China to take shape. For students interested in archaeology, history, anthropology, and world civilizations, this course offers new ways of conceptualizing and analyzing archaeological data in their broad spatial, economic, and cultural contexts.

Research Paper: review of three recent research (post 2000) papers on the archaeology of China. 10-12 pages double-spaced. You must submit a research paper abstract (half page) and a bibliography of at least five academic sources (journal papers, book chapters, or academic books, no websites accepted). You can start searching your keyword or author name from Google Scholar to an external site.

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Discipline: archeology