Sample History Essay Paper


Both the Russian empire and the Japanese had history of Mongol occupancy and rule. The Japanese had managed to defeat Mongols and drove them away of Japan. Russian on the other hand, was not able to defeat Mongols, who conquered it and isolated it from other countries around it. Japan chose seclusion after the victory. When the Mongols finally left Russia, it was very much behind other European countries in various aspects including development. Catherine the great and Peter did their best to ensure that Russia is westernized and modernized like other European nations.

Japan managed to rule itself and different leaders ruled the land. Japan was isolated and was in constant war and was considered one of the most violent countries in the globe. Japan had three leaders who tried their best to bring unification. The unification was started by Oda Nobunaga, then Toyotomi Hideyoshi and completed by Tokugawa Leyuasu. Russia and Tokugawa were characterized by different missions. Tokugawa had the mission of unification while Russia leaders had the mission of modernity and westernization of Russia. The isolations had brought violence in Japan and made Russia to lag behind other European nations in terms of development. The benefit that Russia had from the isolation is that it saved Russia from invasions from people like Napoleon and Hitler.

China has been hugely accredited with driving the international economy. This through its engagement with the developing countries in areas of security, labor, international relations, environmental sustainability among others. China has a huge influence on the global economy and also offers optional sources for developing nations by absorbing their surplus labor and supporting investments. It also provides variety of affordable products to the developing countries, while acting as a major consumer of products from the developed countries.

Islamic societies are long-distance traders. They acted as the connection between European countries and the eastern Asian countries like Japan and china. The presence of Islamic traders enabled European countries to get whatever they wanted from the east and sell their surplus products to Chinese and Japanese people, hence generating revenues for the governments.