Sample History Essay Paper on The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment

Democracy is a political practice that has evolved since human civilization began between the period of 16th and 18th centuries. Most political activities are attributed to the development of democracy either in a progressive or recessive direction. The American Enlightenment is a period when democracy formed its foundation in the United States of America. It should be understood that The Enlightenment represents the political activities noted above, and mostly results in a leadership revolution. Nevertheless, this discussion aims at analyzing The Enlightenment and the consequences it had to the present day the US. This would include the modern American policies on international issues and its continued cooperation with its allies as evidenced during the first and second world wars.

As briefly highlighted above, the American Enlightenment was a period that lasted from the 17th to the 18th century. This period was characterized by the formation of political groups whose influencers had a political motive of taking leadership. It is also during this period that intellectuals in America opted to have a state of their own, hence ended up fighting with the British in alliance with the French. The American Enlightenment was a critical turning point for American independence from the Brightest. It is vital, however, to understand that the American Enlightenment introduced a group of loyal citizens who fought for US independence using elite techniques. Intellectuals who participated in this fight included students of higher learning institutions as well as popular scholars and academicians.

The Enlightenment resulted in the American Revolution, which marked the beginning of democratic leadership in the US. The American Revolution came as a consequence of enlightenment by the people when it comes to political leadership. One of the celebrated victories of the American Revolution included a democratic process that resulted in a successful election of President George Washington, the first US president. When keenly addressed, information was a critical tool of fighting during the revolution. For instance, explaining a judicial process to the public would ensure that the people were aware of the basic principles of democracy such as a right to vote. This revolution was intellectually won by the Americans who, in turn, rewarded its people with an internationally recognized state.

The relevance of the American Enlightenment is imminent in the present day the US, and its effect spread across the globe. From a practical angle, the enlightenment is attributed with providing a political framework of opposing oppressive leadership of a given country. For instance, President Trump and the Republican people rallied behind the “American First” philosophy to rally followers behind their quest for the presidency in 2016. The American Enlightenment, in this perspective, is depicted by the effectiveness of implementing the objectives of this philosophy. Moreover, the American Enlightenment is a model that has been used as a tool for opposing government policies that oppress the disadvantaged in society. This is evidenced in France where people are protesting the fuel tax prices with a mix of slogans describing the basic demands of the people.

The American Enlightenment is a period that defines the modern-day US as evidenced in this analysis. It is through this period that the Americans fought the British efficiently and gained its independence intellectually using elite techniques. Any political revolution in a democratic country draws its model from the American Enlightenment, and this results in a leadership change.