Sample History Essay Paper on Situating Masculinity; Immigration, Empathy and Emasculation in Junot Diaz’s Drown

            Professor Keith Nurse describes masculinity as a theory generated by its social context while at the same time influencing the solidity of that social context to produce the best environment for it to carry on. This achieves the same result as race which determines the color of individuals, we are all born the same but we choose to make men. According to literary critic Satya Mohanty the purpose of cultures is to organize our society, making sure everything happens in the right way. Identities disclose realities about the society that we dwell in.

            According to, Pierre Bourdieu the institutions connected in creating social constructs is the household, the church, the nation and the country’s education system. These are the main contributors while in other situations sports and journalism create social constructs. Norma fuller views masculinity as the dichotomy of Virilidad that refers to the naturalized biologically directed conduct of the macho. Hombria refers to the responsible, family matriarch man who provides for the family. Antonio de Moya means that members of a society determine masculinity by how they treat each other. Allowing men some degree of freedom that is not granted to women brings about masculinity.

            In the current society masculinity does not only refer to the masculine features but also taking up responsibilities. It is viewed as the ability of taking charge of situations, helping others and making the society a better place. Today’s society requires men to earn masculinity title by being taking care of their families, helping others and positively impacting the society. Taking up the roles of fatherhood is also associated with masculinity. Women who take up roles such as bread winners are added to the context of masculinity.