Sample History Essay Paper on Qin Dynasty

Qin Dynasty


Qin was a kingdom in the China of today and it was found in the central of city of Xian. The rulers of the dynasty could use many ways to make the kingdom bigger. Bringing power together and enlarging the kingdom led to many good results in making the dynasty more balanced. The Qin people created the government and conducted state issues based on being loyal people to their king and to supporting a strong army. The emperor had total power over everyone but he was usually checked by other important people in the government. This was useful so that he did not use his powers badly.  The Qin dynasty defeated many states around it and put place oppressive laws, which ended up making the China of many states into an empire with a central government that was authoritative (Li, X. (2012). The emperor was successful in his mission and China was one nation governed from a central point with all the powers being given to the emperor.

Over 200 years, B.C.E., the dynasty of Qin, was the single very powerful state within what today we call China. It had a strong army that helped it in winning other nations and communities that lived around thus making it so powerful during that day. War was always seen among the many small kingdoms that surrounding it during that time until it was called the Warring States era. The kindgom slow by slow defeated most of its neighbors and counted its powers making it to be the most powerful kingdom in that region in that day.  

The first emperor of the dynasty did not only unify China, but also went about standardizing writing, weights, and measures throughout his kingdom, this was used to promote internal trade among the newly acquired states. The Qin dynasty became large for the reason that the first emperor pushed the dynasty’s borders south to current day Vitnam, and current day Korea.

            The kingdom had big rulers who helped in consolidating and making its powers more. They achieved this by using special methods thus making the kingdom to grow and become who of the powerful dynasties to have ever existed. The most influential person in the history of the kingdom was known as Shang Yang, he who was a firm believer in the ideology known as Legalism. Legalism says that very mean punishing laws were necessary to keep the people in order and to make them follow the laws of the kingdom. Working under the king, Shang Yang became prime minister of the Qin kingdom and gradually began making changes in the government thus making it a strong state with many laws. Shang wanted total loyalty to the king and this was achieved when loyal followers were rewarded basing on their loyalty and abilities rather than just being of high and noble birth. The young Qin Shi Huangdi became a strong believing person in Legalism and when he became king, he used it to make his rule stronger and the Qin government.

Several changes were made in the army and this helped the dynasty to even consolidate its powers and make it to conquer other states thus expanding its territories.  Just to add on the changes that were made in the army, Shi Huangdi made many changes that were aimed to further unify the dynasty and make governing to be much easier.  First, the Qin imposed their own Legalist form of government in territories that it had conquered and dominated.  The form of government involved rewards for those who were loyal and harsh punishments to those who were disobedient so as to keep order.   Also, the state had absolute control over the people who were the subjects and were supposed to surrender all their rights to the states so as to enjoy certain rights from the state. The people who saw themselves to be noble losed most of their traditional powers and were also forced to move from their country homes to the capital at Xian.  This way the Emperor could better keep an eye on them and more easily stop any plans for fight back that they might plan. This helped to ensure that the state was in control of everything and no one posed a threat. The powers of the nobles were cut to only those of doing things that were official and for this reason the government was in control. “Specific policies were enacted during the reign of the dynasty including the same ruts for carriages and the same script for writing” (Zhang, 2015).

The growth of the dynasty had big results on the stableness of the kingdom because many things came up with the growing of the kingdom. Many different languages came up that led to confusion in communications thus making the dialects to be made standard. The currency used was also made common so as to make trade to be much easier within the kingdom. This made the people of the kingdom to easily trade with other kingdoms. This made the challenges that came with trading without using currency less.

Many public works projects were also done because of the unity that was seen in the dynasty. The dynasty became even more stable. A protective wall was built in the north to stop other bad tribes from getting in. For instance, the Mongols were enemy to the good of the kingdom. The building of the Great Wall of China came with many bad things. It came with large financial load as well as human life, and this made the people hate on the Qin emperor by his people. Most of the wall that was built has not been there over the centuries but some parts of it have been put into today’s Great Wall.

            The interaction with different cultures within the kingdom brought good changes in the way the dynasty was ruled. Many languages came up because of the different communities that were part of the kingdom. There language of the kingdom was made common due to the varieties that had come up because of the coming together of the many groups. This brought a consistent way of communication throughout the kingdom and brought unity into the dynasty thus making it to be more strong and powerful. The standardization of dialect made the king to rule easily for the reason that communication was made easy and subjects understood what was expected of them for the strength of the kingdom.


Even though the Qin dynasty did not live long, it had major impacts that brought about several changes and established what we know today as the country of China. Qin making common the written language allows all Chinese people to communicate easily and to share a common culture. Money was first used in the qui dynasty and this shows the positive impacts the kingdom had both to the ancient and current society.


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