Sample History Essay Paper on Puritan Life

Puritan Life

Puritan American lives a life of religion that is opposed to the Catholic doctrine. They accuse Catholics of being inadequate Christians due to their religious practices. Thus, being forced to travel to the area comes with a lot of care and adherence to religious teachings of the community. Some of the things I would do in the event I am forced to visit the new place are outlined below.


One of the activities to undertake is to alert family member about my visit so that they prepare well enough before my absence. This is the first day of traveling to the area where I will be expected to spend my time for a week. I will learn the language used by the community so that I am able to engage people in my conversations.


This is the busiest day of the week where I have to visit the church to observe the religious practices during the week.  Having learnt some of the religion tradition, I will be at a better position to participate in puritan religious activities.


Seeking more information on the norms and requirement of the social life follows the third day of my visit. The reason as to why I will be interested in seeking more knowledge about the social life of the society is to establish the social settings. This enhances the process of interacting with community members who strictly adhere to their religious practices.


On this day, I would set out on a journey to the sanctuary places that the community holds in highest extreme. It is an essential visit because it improves my knowledge about the origin of puritan.