Sample History Essay Paper on Post war period

Post war period

Demographic change

Demographic change comprehends the movement of people through their life and movement from one place to another. In the post war period it presented governments with funding and planning predicaments that required countless response mechanisms. It had great impacts during the post war period, affecting major sectors of the economy from maternity wards, education systems, and housing. Specifically, the education sector received large numbers of young adults who joined colleges after their maturity stretching the resources that were meager at the time.

Where the teaching resources and personnel are limited, it is difficult to accommodate large numbers of students. This made universities and colleges to be the epicenter of protests as students are demanding for already inadequate resources. It is a fact that when teaching resources are inadequate the standard and value of education is affected. People tend to get admissions without clear visions of how to offer services, problems of whom to access education arose with universities and colleges confronted with how to reduce inequities in the large population.

Economic prosperity

The post war period is significantly remembered to that time that the world realized economic growth and cultural appreciation and stability. One way of economic prosperity was that after long periods of war that witnessed war and depressions, this period saw the rising of living standards and increased opportunities for the growing population. After war, reconciliation in form of leadership takes center stage with every politician promising development that would improve the economy and better lives of the people.

During wars government tend to spend a lot in purchasing weapons and equipping their soldiers, after war this funds are challenge to the different development agendas to prosper the economy. A case of this reason if the US stopped buying ammunitions and hiring and training soldiers channeling the funding to recover what was lost during war. Improving the economy also means improving the life of the people and their families through employment and finding them attachment places; this is something that happened after the war.


It is important to note that each war period comes with its effects and unique circumstances. The post war period saw demographic change impact on the education system of different countries, as there was need to train the citizens to get formal employments that had the potential to improve the economy and improve the standards of living. It is also worth noting that fighting unemployment through well-defined education also improves and prospers the economy of any particular country.