Sample History Essay Paper on HTY 110HA Critical Thinking Essay

HTY 110HA Critical Thinking Essay

If illegal immigrants have an easier way to gain their citizenship in the US, it would be of benefit to the nation. This will come about because; a great number of individuals will be paying taxes thus contributing to general growth of the nation at large. Immigrants are on regular occasions abused such as lack of job opportunities or discrimination in work places. As inhabitants in any country, even if only for a short period of time, they can affect our society in a good or bad way. Calling them criminals and law breakers for being born doesn’t promote anything positive.

Among the U.S. population immigrant children are regarded as the fastest growing group presenting that in future involvements they will have a greater role to play for the success of the nation as a whole.  This is evidenced by the virtual growth and the contribution made by their parents as early as in the 1990s. The future anticipation that has come about due to the increase in numbers of the immigrant children is however facing some uncertainties such as their lack of social integration with the natives as well as challenges resulting from economic mobility due to the variations of the trends of the demographic factors (Lakhani, 645).  The inequality that exists among their parents and parents to natives in terms of social amenities, health, and retirement benefits

Most of these children inhabit settings that were not largely occupied in previous days. In some instances these children are faced with problems such as one parent has been allowed to live and work in US while the other one is regarded as an immigrant, this places the certainty of the child’s future in jeopardy. Having proper documentation may not prove fruitful for these when there still exist barriers that are coupled with lack of information as well as other complex occurrences. The advancement of individuals from simple civilians to skilled workers is on a high growth, there is however, the need to have a well defined system that provides for productivity from all workers irrespective of the anticipated future well beings of the immigrant youth (Romo 12).

Some of the measures to sought the menace affecting these children would be upgrading the health aspect for the general populace in the US regardless of the status of the people because; poor health leads to poor socioeconomic occurrences in the society and more significantly to children. The well being of the next generation totally relies on the existing measures as well as platforms put in place to improve these measures (Argas, 35). Through the promotion of the physical and emotional well being that is witnessed as a result of good health, the general population starting from immigrant children, health professionals all through to policy makers we can  ultimately improve the long-term economic prospects of the next generation.

Although the future of immigrant children is uncertain, what is certain is that failure to make these investments will result in higher spending on means-tested assistance programs and lower tax revenues in the future. Because immigrant youth are the fastest-growing population group and because the returns to college relative to high school increased markedly barriers to postsecondary education are more evidently the conquer for young individuals that lack legal status and are in most cases have been students in U.S. schools and have achieved sufficiently high academic credentials to qualify for admission

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