Sample History Essay Paper on A Reflection Journal: Political History

A Reflection Journal: Political History

Slavery and abortion

From this lecture, I came to understand the extent to which the menace of slavery and abolitionism entrenched the various states of America.  It is clear that there was a rift between the duties of the whites and the black.  The slavery that was geared toward molesting the African Americans as subjects of the whites led to a high level of uproar from various quarters.  The lecture made me understand the various antislavery groups that were formed and the main reasons why they were formed.  One of the most prevailing groups that were formed for instance was the anti-slavery society that was founded by the William L Garrison. I also had an opportunity to know the various means and ways for which these groups spearheaded their missions. These were through the use of the written materials, the political campaigning and also through the aid of fugitive slaves.  At first, my perception was that these anti slavery campaign had no meaning in the fight against slavery.  I believed that these groups could not deter the white men from enslaving the blacks since the whites had the economic power.  However, as the lecture puts it, the draconian measures that were placed in the south were as results of these revolts that the black were impacting on the whites even as the whole sectional conflicts rose, a democratic candidate won the elections that brought in some sense of togetherness. In a nut shell, the lecture 3 made me understand the real conflicts behind the slavery and the various sectors that were affected in terms of the economy. From the lecture, I also learnt about the various geographical areas that was worst hit by the slavery and those that were anti slavery at that time.

Revolutionary America and the early republic

From this lecture, I came to realize the various territories that were instituted in the early 1970s as the British territories. There are numerous areas of concern that have been discussed here.  One of them is the inception of the treaty of Paris that allowed the British to carry out the activities at the Hudson Bay Company and also look into the matter of expanding its territory and influence around the Hudson.  It is clear that the main aim of the British government in signing this treaty was to have the economic advantage that the Hudson Bay would in the long end gain.  It is also from this lecture that I got to know the real dates and periods before and after revolution. At first, I never knew the real impact of revolution to the American states.  One thing that came out clearly was that the revolution brought in a single party system which later one was turned into a democratic system.  The voting rights were also expanded in these periods of revolution and most of the voters also included the blacks.  A controversial matter arose as the constitution battled against the placement of slavery in the context of democracy in the parliament.  The perception that he had for revolution bringing order in various governments of that time is very true. In a nut shell, the whole lecture gave much attention to the positive change that was seen in the colonial governments across the world.

Winners and Losers of the Gilded Age

Form this lecture is understood what the survival for the fittest meant in the years before revolution. For the pictures, it is very evident that most of the individuals were hungry for wealth and being able to oppress their subjects.  The entrepreneurship in this age was fueled by the need to advance. In my perception, I thought that entrepreneurship started in the recent past. As connoted by the lecture, the disparity between the rich and the poor begun at this point in time.  The losers of the gilded age are the workers who were being given variety of tasks by their bosses.  I learnt that the workers worked for long hours with very less pay while the bigwigs who employed them actually went home with millions of dollars. Additionally, there were heavy punishments in the event that they had done a mistake to their bosses.  The winners have been portrayed as the tycoons for whom the firms the slaves worked tirelessly.  In summary this lecture taught me how the effect of greed is quite adverse and the important of democracy in the context of governance of any setup.


The article propaganda made me understand the power of information among every individual in the management and governance of a country. The manipulation of information in order to suit certain objectives and interest of specific politicians has been explained vividly in this article. It is from this that grasped the knowledge of transition of power from the very ancient kingdoms to the people.  The industrial revolution did not just empower the people but it gave them the strength to be heard by the most powerful kings and queens of the land. I also learnt that the conscious and the intelligent manipulation of opinions and organized habits of the masses are very critical in spearheading democracy.  The role informational influence has been discussed in order to get the gist of the whole transition between the aristocracy during the revolution and the real advents of democracy. At first I knew that the governments were not keen about the information that the public has in mind. Additionally I thought that with the industrial revolution, the governments were going to be very powerful since they are deemed to get more of the fare share in terms of the taxes.  According to the article, this is not true; in fact, the government and the political kingdoms got derailed of power in the event that the production of various economic products was left for the public. The control of information about the production that led to industrial revolution led to rise of the social classes that were ranked in terms of the wealth base,

The paranoid style in American politics

In this article, I came to realize the real reasons behind certain acts of the American government in times of crisis. There is a notion of playing to be quite righteous in the events of predicaments especially, in the areas which touches the failure of the government. The reactions leveled against the various instances of predicaments gives the government to be portrayed as helping the people while in real sense, it is the sauce of the problem.  For example the death of John F. Kennedy brought a lot of publicity to the bill that restricted the sale and the owning guns by the public.  This paranoid style is seen when the government puts up a lot of effort to include the use of the stringent measures in resolving further assassination when in the first place,  it is important to have provided the security earlier. My perception to this notion was that the government would always come to the rescue of the public in times of need.  However, I did not look into the advent of preventing the crisis before it actually happens.  The mischief played by the government is seen in the pretence of doing the self righteous in doing things that affects the people while not looking at the consequences of their actions. The government role of the government should be to guide the people into preventing various instances of crime and hatred and not to only come during the times of need only and then praising themselves in the process.

 Week 4 readmission of the union

The map that has been explained in the lecture gives the insights of the various boundaries that were put during the times of military union.  I have came to understand that the military territories instituted by the confederate gave easier way of offering the profound administration in these areas.  As it stands Texas was the largest military district and was named the district 5. This area was followed by the district number 3 which was deemed to be the most effective one in terms of the making the harbor for military docking purpose. I also came to learn that the date for which there was defeat for government radical reconstruction was in 1871. The radical reconstruction was deemed to be in two distinct phases.  The first phase was instituted on the restructuring of the people of the south who turn out to be rebellious in the notion of slavery.  I also recognize the efforts of Abraham Lincoln whom fought tirelessly for this reconstruction as the president on the United States by the time. I also learnt that the person who reduced the instances of slavery was the same Abraham Lincoln.  The restructuring did not only affect the way the slaves were being treated but it also shown some light on the amendment of constitution that would see the blacks having more rights than before.  These rights ranged from voting to the freedom from slavery.

 Three “Furies” of Libertarianism

This journal gave the insight to know the real position of women in American history as leaders. The three women who had the same line of thought of liberating the women and the country as whole from the oppression leveled by the government gave brought out the real significance of women in decision making. It is from this article that I have changed my mind of the perception of the leadership role of women in the society.  It is form the article that I came to understand that the citizens have a great role to play in building the economy.  As it stands, the government should not impede the citizens especially the women in their autonomous thinking since this is what will bring for the heart and the spirit of resilience and high tempo of aggressiveness.  The revolution in terms of perception of women in the society by the government is fueled by the artistic work that has been done these three liberal ladies outlined in this journal. The article also connotes that beyond the romance of unfettered self, what these three women postulated was a masterpiece of confusion between the creative individuals and the destructive government.  The government should therefore not be quite destructive by bringing issues and facts that are best suited to fulfill self interest of few individuals.  It is very important that the government puts the interest of the people at heart and make sure that they do not interfere with the lives of individuals at all cost. The superiority of the government should be to the interest to all and not the interest of few individuals who finds it very easy to manipulate the arms of the government to their own gain.

American Empire and Progressivism

From this lecture I came to understand the hierarchical structure of progressivism of the American empire from time immemorial.  The outcome of the war that happened in the year 1898 between Spain and the Americans were also brought to light in this lecture.  By the end of the war, we see that most of the parts of the warzones were taken over by the American empire and that they were ceded form Spain.  From the analysis of the lecture, I noticed that the American empire was more armed than the Spanish empire.  The American team was led by Roosevelt who managed to be very tough in times of war and created high level victory on to the Americans. The explosion that occurred in Maine in caused the death of many and this will remain a big blow to the American states for quite some time now.  In the lecture I also learnt of the progressivism that occurred in 1880s through early 1900s.  In the elections held in 1912, Woodrow of the democrat won the race leaving behind Roosevelt who by then was the runners up. A close look at the reigns of various presidents in terms of increasing the federal employees, Roosevelt stands out to the best out of those who reigned between the late 1800 and early 1900. The lecture has taught me that the federal expansion was greatly experienced during the reign of Roosevelt.

Jacksonian Democracy and Manifest Destiny

Democracy they say is the voice of the people working in the government.  This theme is one prevailing in the whole text for which Jackson is discussed.  From the lecture we see the decline of the federalists. The decline was caused by the inception of the democratization of the whole system.  The whole scenario is twisted around the democratization and the territorial expansion.  To the democrats, the real motive behind democratization was to make the various social amenities available for everyone. On the account f territorial expansion, the main intention was to increase their colonial powers in order to gain more in terms of wealth and also control.  In my perception is thought that democratization was a simple process that would result into high level of coherence and economic development. Form the lecture; I realized that even the democratization process can be used as a tool for impunity. This could be done through denying the people what they want and giving them the necessity when they need it most.  The gist of the matter is to gain the confidence of the majority.  Propaganda plays a vital role in making this notion come true. The popularity of Jackson in politics comes as a result of loyalty that the citizens pledged to him on the account of democratization. I also learnt that during the presidency of Jackson, there was the crisis of tariff and nullification stances. The second bank of United States was destroyed, and lastly, there was the dismantling of the American clay system.

Mobilizing for the Market: Organized Business, Wage-Price Controls, and the Politics of Inflation, 1971–1974

It is from this article that is gained the knowledge of how the economic variables like unemployment are affected by inflation.  It is stated that the government had to freeze the wages and put price controls on various products in order to bring on board the advent of stability in the rates of inflation at that time. The value of the dollar was going down rapidly at that time due to high rates of inflation.  The move made by the federal government to exchange the 35ouces of gold for the dollar reduced the value of imports and hence the external parties gained more that the Americans.  The drastic move by the government to control the inflation had a rippled effect in the cost of living since the profits of the companies could not measure up to cost that the companies incur in making such goods. A critical point that I learnt was that their two sets of the markets that exist; the free liberalized market and the controlled market.  To strike the balance between these two types of market, the government had to intervene and save its economy. In this prospect the government would use its authority to direct certain actions to various sectors of economy that would in turn affect the economy for the better. 

The Road to Serfdom

This book has inspired me on knowing the real role of government in controlling the economy.  The book is keen to accentuate that the government in the event of changing the rules of the game in the economy, it brings up the tyranny of problems to the self sustaining economy. Additionally, I learnt that the government tries to protect the economy from the malicious industry players.  The principle of unitarism is well explained in this excerpt where the author is keen to mention the adverse effect it will have on the economy. The control o the economy brings less freedom to the citizens and also to the operations of the economy.  Following this concept, central planning by the government is quite fatal and needs to be reduced in most cases.  The central planning is a tool that has been used by many politicians to create a tyranny of numbers and amass wealth too greater stance.  Central planning is like creating a dictatorship in the long.  This notion is strengthened by the fact that as the government plans, it does not inculcate the interest of every individual.  In this context, not every person will get the equal right that they deserve.  Striking a balance between control and capitalism is quite daunting.  It is now the role of the government o allow for autonomy in the economy as much as possible. This will create an advent of impartiality in every situation.