Sample History Creative Writing Paper on McKinley’s Backbone

In the article McKinley’s Backbone, the statement Roosevelt made is questioned since it does not have a source that is either accurate or valid. It is clear in the article that Roosevelt statement that the President had a weak backbone is false.

The first reason I believe the statement is false is that Wister one of the source of this information did not provide a definite timeline of the event or state whether he was a direct witness to that conversation (Hamilton 483). In addition, the timelines of all the sources differ from one another. The context in which Wister, Kohlsaat, and Peck described as being the exact time when Roosevelt spoke are not the same. According to Wister, the statement was made during a lunch meeting while Kohlsaat claims that it was made late at night while on a train (Hamilton 484). Peck does not even have a source yet he is the one who first printed the statement.

The only reason the weak image of McKinley persisted is that it was made by a prominent person in the society. Furthermore, individuals like Wister, Kohlsaat, and Peck, made people believe that the statement was real because they claimed they had proof that they heard the utterances. Peck went even further to print the statement, increasing its credibility

In case any defamation material comes up, that might paint the image of an individual in the wrong sense. It is prudent first to investigate and make sure that it is true. This is why it is essential to ensure that the source of such material is credible. Furthermore, the source should be able to validate their claims by providing an accurate account of events and proof. This will ensure that no false information is passed from one generation to another.

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