Sample History Coursework Paper on Trail of Tears

Question 1

The use of face-to-face interviews, a random questionnaire and observation techniques for the selected sample audience. To examine the exact impacts of illegal displacement of the Native Americans, it will be vital to implement a mix of information gathering tools for primary information (Low and Joy 72). These will include, digital sources such as eBooks of history, online journals and legal articles describing the scenario will also be crucial in sourcing secondary information. Both sources of information will provide adequate data for effective and efficient data processing procedure.

Question 2

The main keywords for sourcing relevant data from the identified sources will include the “Trail of Tears.” Alternatively, keyword searching on “President Andrew Jackson’s political legacy” that led to the eviction of Native Americans from their original inhabitants would also be valid (Low and Joy 74). The essence of keyword selection will be key to sourcing relevant data and information from verified and published data which is critical in interpreting findings and providing a conclusion and lastly, recommendations.

Question 3

Numerous subject terms could be used to discuss the Trail of Tears as history research. For instance, Native Americans could be one of the terms that would provide a brief history of the existent of Indian race in American soil. Additionally, forceful evictions of Native Americans from their original inhabitant would provide another subject term for searching.

Question 4

Modern search engines require that online users provide a specific context of information when searching for a given set of data. In the case context of Trail of Tears, modern search engines would require supplementary information that would enhance relevance for the data to be searched (Low and Joy 76). For instance, the Trail of Tears during Presider Andrew Jackson’s political legacy would be a suitable set of search terms of understanding the history of Native Americans.

Work Cited

Low, Sui Pheng, and Joy Ong. “Research Design and Methodology.” Project Quality Management. Springer, Singapore, 2014. 69-77.