Sample History Case Studies Paper on America’s historical political principles

America’s historical political principles

  1.  Identify two arguments put forth by these activists in favor of equality

The activists had various arguments to put across in favor of equality between the men and women. The first argument was about the rights of women to vote. According to Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, women have the right to vote for their leader of choice. In her view, every woman has a conscience as well as the right judgment. In her view, she considers women as equal members of the nation with the same rights as every other member. Another argument that was put forth was the fact that women also have the right of power. According to Mrs. Lucy Stone, having women who had less or no power in the government was unjust. She argues that all women should be granted the right to choose whatever they want for themselves and not be subjected to the pressure of men’s choices.  

  •  How did they frame these arguments in relation to America’s historical political principles?

Lucy reflects back to 1890 when Wyoming entered the union, which, by then, had a universal suffrage for both males and females. She goes on to give an incident of some two women who experienced helplessness in the American politics. On the other hand, Susan stood to express her concern about being arrested because of her casting a vote that was termed as ‘illegal’.

  • Based on the points they put forth, what arguments from the opposition did they anticipate?

One of the women, Susan asked the members whether women were persons just as the men. She goes on to argue that if women were persons, then they had the same rights as men. The representative women anticipated the opposition to give reasons why women had no equal rights as men. They also expected an argument on why women should not possess the rights to vote just like men, yet they had the ability to have the right judgment.