Sample History Article Review Paper on Japanese History

Japanese History

In the current generation, citizens enjoy various freedoms following the previous struggles of the past generations. Arguably, each state has a history worth appreciating. Therefore, this paper presents the Japanese history.

During the early days, the political associations in Japan were appropriately articulated (Totman 135). There existed two social orientations and two social groups making the whole political entity.  Notably, both of the elements that constituted the entire political body included the Samurai and the Mercantile.

Samurai group constituted of the armies who were of great importance during the times of war. The group arose in the sixteenth century and was later demobilized and ended up as farmers working in the fields for their daily survival. On the other hand, the Mercantile were believed to be the merchants and artisans at the time. It was believed that the Mercantile offered goods and services entirely. Notably, there were some claims from other people from the Mercantile group had Samurai origin. Nonetheless, the Mercantile collaborated with the Samurai in the latter’s political enterprise (Totman 138).

In the late sixteenth century, Japan experienced significant strife and war that destroyed the polity. The Onin war together with the continuous conflict ruined relationships among various people. The war came to a halt at the beginning of seventeenth century at the point when the then Lord Tokugawa situated his government. Lord Tokugawa and the subsequent successors controlled through hostage system.

In the seventeenth century, Japan experienced political order evolution (Totman 140). An order that spelled out the relationships among different societies. The political order development resulted to the redefinition of the relationships that existed between the Samurai and the Mercantile. The following leaders who came to power after the political evolution eliminated the rivalry that existed in governance before the development of the political order. The leaders that every citizen related in a positive manner with people from other communities as well. The evolution, up to date has ensured that discrimination is eliminated in Japan.

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