Sample Healthcare Research Paper on Fiscal Management in Healthcare Services

Fiscal Management in Healthcare Services

Marketing strategies that may be used for Krona Hospital include professional referrals, internet marketing, and external marketing. Professional referrals allow a reliable and continuous flow of target customers. A well-written plan and a good flow of services offered in the hospital will enable it to get patient referrals from all sources. Internet marketing utilizes websites, portals, social media tools, and mobile apps as a channel of advertising, marketing, and public relations. The majority of targeted customers access the internet. Thus, a wide of customers will get the marketing information. External marketing utilizes television, newspapers, radio and billboards to target customers with the right information (Kotler, Shalowitz, & Stevens, 2011).

One of the factors to consider is the existing regulations in healthcare that may hinder the use of a strategy to conduct marketing. Secondly, the information content that will be provided to target market should be taken into consideration. The content should be accurate, use appropriate language, and address the needs of the targeted customers. The third factor is the cost of developing and implementing the mode of marketing. These costs should be evaluated to ensure that the hospital receives equivalent gains from the strategies (Royne, & Levy, 2015).

The Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (AHIA) will assist in adding knowledge in areas such as finance, audit, and compliance. It is an international association founded in year 1981 consisting of a group of professionals who have carried out in internal auditing activities for many years. Members are issued with professional certification after attending education programs and conferences (Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors, (n.d.)). Krona hospital will benefit from improved financial management, auditing, and compliance functions. It will help in instilling good governance, proper risk management and control activities. This is accomplished by improving the hospital’s internal audit activity to adhere to recognized internal auditing standards and frameworks (AHIA).


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