Sample Healthcare Essay Paper on Fructose


               According to Lustig, ‘Coca Cola’ conspiracy refers to a secret plan that the Coca cola Company uses, in order to get people to consume Coke. He explains that, Coke drink consists of caffeine and salt, which stimulates the body to emit free water, thus making individuals not to feel satisfied, leading them to drink more. Lustig further explains that, a salty drink such as coke is expected to be repulsive, but because sugar masks salt, Coke adds large amounts of sugar in this soft drink.

            Lustig describes how metabolism of fructose, the substance contained in Coke, can harm body. Firstly, the professor thinks that, the sugar contained in coke is toxic, just like ethanol contained in alcohol drinks. This is because, if the fructose is consumed in large quantities, it distracts the ability of the body to satiety and body weight regulations, therefore making people become obese. Secondly, Lustig points out that, due to too much sugar in the body, there is production of Leptin, a protein that signals the body to exercise. However, the brain signals the pancreas to excrete additional insulin, which leads to unhealthy body weight resulting from enormous insulin levels. Finally, it is stated that, high fructose is an appetite stimulant. That is, the higher the insulin, the hungrier an individual is.

            It is stated that the government has a certain influence, of keeping hidden the facts behind these poisonous substances, basically due to the pressure from the powerful food and beverage producers. Moreover, it is noted that, there is usually a regressive tax on the foods containing added sugar, as compared to those made from substances such as soy or corn which is progressive.

            In conclusion, fructose is helpful in the body, as it assists in energy production, fat storage and production of glycogen. However, beverages containing sugar should be consumed in limitation, due to the health risks that impact due to excessive consumption, such as, obesity, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.