Sample Health Care Research Paper on Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Organizations

There are several health care organizations in New Jersey which falls under different categories. Under the volunteer category in New Jersey, the perfect example is St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. It is a private care system organization which was designed to deal with trauma cases. It offers care for some of the most complex cases in Paterson, New Jersey. St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center has been categorized among the top best performing volunteer organizations in New Jersey State (St. Joseph’s Health, n.d). It shows their high level of commitment to the community that they serve. The hospital was recognized for its good performance because of its innovative practices. It has been offering comfortable environments for the New Jersey community that it is serving which has made people to love the hospital. I obtained information about the hospital from their online website (

In terms of proprietary (profit oriented; pay taxes) healthcare organization in New Jersey, the best example is Mountainside Hospital which was established in the year 1891 (Beckers, 2012). Margaret Jane Merewether Power established the hospital because there was no health facility in the region that could offer serious medical attention to the people of New Jersey. However, the hospital was later sold out to Merit Health Systems in the year 2007 which is a for-profit organization that has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, the hospital is being operated as a joint venture under Montclair Health System. I obtained the information about Mountainside Hospital being a proprietary from Becker’s hospital review website where they have issued a report on the various hospital lists in New Jersey that operates for-profit activity. Lastly, an example of a government owned hospital in New Jersey is VA New Jersey Health Care System (Hospitals center, n.d). The government helps in funding and running the hospital. I acquired this information from New Jersey hospitals center website.


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