Sample Health Care Paper on The screening barriers for cervical, breast, and colon cancer among women aged 40 and older in the UAE


Chapter 1: introduction

the introduction includes the following:

  • A background section that briefly establishes the context of the research being conducted by summarizing current understanding and background information about the topic and provides relevant context, given your degree. For example, it is useful to provide alignment with UAE government strategy and policy. The background section should motivate the research through a clear problem statement.
  • The introduction study aims and objectives or research questions, i.e. it should include a clear and precise statement of the purpose of your research as well as the objectives – the objectives can be stated in the form of research questions. Note that research questions are equivalent to objectives, therefore, generally you cannot state both objectives and research questions. An exception to this is where you derive two or more research questions from the single objective – in other words, you use the research questions to operationalise your objectives.  Make sure that the objectives or the research questions contribute directly to achieving the study aim.
  • If you are conducting an empirical study this chapter should include the research hypotheses
  • The introduction should also briefly explain your rationale, methodological approach, highlighting the potential outcomes your study can reveal.
  • Conclude the chapter with an outline of the way your report is structured, i.e., briefly describe what each chapter sets out to do.