Sample Health Care Paper on Soap Note Diagnosis/plan/evaluation

I completed my soap note but I need help completing only the Diagnosis, Plan/Therapeutic, and Evaluation of patient Encounter part. This professor is different and wants it a different way than Im used to with other professors. I have attached my soap note, the professors example of the soap note template that she wants me to use, and just examples of differential diagnosis. I have everything completed and please use my diagnosis and differential diagnosis. I just need help on those 3 parts. The assignment is due tomorrow before midnight and Itll probably be around 3 pages because of the sections? Please let me know.

My Professor: Pay particular attention to the last section of the template under Evaluation of Patient Encounter. There are three specific questions you must address; this is NOT the place to summarize the encounter.

5. You must validate your treatment plan for your patient with current literature. This does not include textbooks – they are too old. You need to find current journal evidence that have a publication date within the past five years. This habit will keep you up to date as you progress in your clinical practice in the coming years.