Sample Health Care Paper on Healthcare Marketing Application Project

Grading Criteria for Healthcare Marketing Application Project:

Your grade will be based on the following:

*Content: (35%)

  • Summary of your focus area, with general facts or stats. Both healthcare and marketing concepts should be clear within the description.
  • Specific information should be given − you should clearly state the purpose of your paper − what have you chosen to explore and why?
  • Your literature review (references) should support your approach.
  • Findings/conclusion section should detail what you found during your exploration of the topic. This section also provides an opportunity to be creative and provide your own impressions of the issue.
  • Your final report must be submitted into Turnitin (directions will be posted). You can revise until the due date.
  • Length of paper: 2,500 words (minimum)

Format of the report (20%)

  • Consistency, style, appearance, absence of typos & grammatical errors.
  • Organization of the paper: appropriate paper divisions (cover page, headings and subheadings, conclusions).

Use the FSU Writing Center to help early in the project (especially if your writing skills are not strong)! Your instructor can also help shape your approach if you are uncertain −just ask!

Referencing (35%)

  • APA style is required throughout paper
  • You will be graded on consistency of referencing within the body of your paper as well as referencing at the end of your paper.
  • 8 solid references (minimum)
  • No book chapters (reference the discrete fact correctly); no blogs, no wiki, etc)


Presentation (10)

  • You will present a summary of your paper to the class in the class discussion board assignment.
  • Provide a detailed overview of your paper (one page minimum).
  • Describe the topic that you explored, your conclusions and thoughts
  • Respond to three other student papers.