Sample Composition Paper on Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

Students are recommended for juniors and seniors in high school who are proficient in writing expository essays. Close reading, insight production, textual analysis, and forming tentative, reasonable conclusions are just a few of the abilities students acquire. According to Kerr, students majoring in the humanities or pursuing degrees in the College of Letters and Science will benefit from these skills (para. 3-7). Jobs for Medical and Health Services Managers are predicted to expand by at least 32% over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Graduates of this program will be equipped to face the difficulties of the healthcare business and effect genuine change, as well as assist patients in navigating the ever-changing healthcare environment (Castonguay, 2021, para.1).

Importance of Writing to Student’s Career Goals

This element is vital in healthcare administration. As a healthcare worker, you must write quickly to make requests or evaluations. Writing is also required to record patient medical histories and communicate with other healthcare experts. Individual writing objectives provide students with writing direction and assist them in progressing toward what they need. Objectives guide education and act as a road plan for individual writing conferences. For example, if a student wishes to be eloquent in speaking the English language, they can start by deciding the goals they want to set; in this case, the goal is eloquent English speaking. Next, the student should set a goal of practicing that main goal and conduct a self-review. They can achieve this by setting some time by themselves, reading aloud a few paragraphs at the set time, and then doing a self-review by jolting down their progress to see if they are progressing or lacklustre. Next, they should schedule their next self-review and goal-setting session.

Importance of Research to the Student’s Career Goals

The primary purpose of educational research is to improve teaching and learning techniques and solve pedagogical concerns. Blog states that Educators also study student motivation, growth, and classroom administration (2022, para. 5, 11). For example, when it comes to fieldwork, the ability to do extensive research can assist a healthcare manager in identifying management deficiencies in providing health services and solutions to address such issues.

Importance of Working in Teams to the Student’s Career Goals

Some benefits of teamwork for student development are: ensuring that essential social skills are taught. Teamwork develops vital skills like listening attentively and communicating effectively. Learners pay some attention to their mentors while working in teams. It also boosts self-esteem. Teamwork teaches students that their voices matter (Marlborough, 2019, para. 4, 5, 9, 10). Being in a group solving Mathematics problems is an excellent example of student teamwork. Through cooperation, healthcare workers may set rules that guarantee they create welcoming environments for their patients and provide excellent medical treatment. Furthermore, collaboration reduces the burden of healthcare personnel in a hospital, enhancing the overall well-being of the healthcare provider.

Importance of Using Technological Tools For Student’s Career Goals

Students benefit from technology because it enables rapid access to knowledge, quick learning, and pleasant ways to apply it. It helps students learn new subjects and understand complex concepts, particularly in STEM industries. Students may learn 21st-century technological skills for future employment in and out of the classroom. An example of technology used in schools is an online classroom calendar to post essential updates such as field trips and assignment due dates. Consequently, using health information technology, healthcare can be improved and changed in several ways, including reducing human error, enhancing clinical outcomes, enabling care coordination, improving practice efficiency, and gathering data over time.

In light of this, a healthcare manager requires skills learned from Advance Composition to tackle daily activities in the workplace. Some of these skills, when refined, aid the manager in setting goals and possess action-taking skills, information analysis, and technology management skills for the overall improvement of the institution. Hence,  a student eyeing this job should focus on acquiring these skills early enough while at school.




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