Sample Health Care Paper on FUTURE IMPLICATIONS

Supervisor at Jencare Senior Medical Center, in charge of all operations,

Post a cohesive response to the following:

Describe the three takeaways which are the most important and relevant for you in your current role. How can this information impact the long-term viability of your organization? If you are not working in a health care organization, name three takeaways from this course that you can apply in your current situation.

Consider what changes or considerations could be sustainable and still in place nine months from now. Which changes will still be in place in 18 months? Which will be still in place two years from now?

Support your response by identifying and explaining key points and/or examples presented in the Learning Resources.

Materials: McLaughlin, D. B., & Olson, J. R. (2017). Health care operations management (3rd ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Chapter 15, “Holding the Gains” (pp. 391-410)