Sample Health Care Paper on Disparities in Health Care

The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your awareness of disparities in health care experienced by some ethnic and cultural populations, as well as your understanding of culturally competent strategies for addressing those challenges.

Create a visually interesting and well organized 6-panel brochure (you may use a Word template as a starting point) that could be used as an informative handout to assist health care professionals in providing culturally competent care to a disadvantaged patient population.

In your brochure:

  • List some reasons why specific patient cultural populations face challenges when it comes to receiving competent care.
  • Identify strategies that can be used to overcome those challenges.
  • Include professional resources that could be used by healthcare providers to learn more about disadvantaged patient groups and how to become more culturally competent when treating them. Briefly describe why each resource would be helpful.

You are encouraged to include graphics in your brochure. Provide citations in standard format on the last panel of the brochure for any sources where you find information or images.

Remember that this brochure is for professionals in a health care setting—both the information and look of the brochure should be geared to this audience.