Sample Health Care Paper on Discrimination Experienced In The Health Facility

Discrimination Experienced In The Health Facility


Health care being a primary human demand, should not be offered based on the social wellness of the individuals that receive it but should always be geared towards providing equity for all. We encounter several instances of social-based classification of individuals when they head for the medical care resources, and it seems normal thin to the doctors. In town, they suffer from extreme health complications that require significantly intensified medical care and are not even subjected to this thorough screening. Still, the opposite occurs; they that are well to do in the society receive competent medical care as opposed to the actual occurrence in the hospital places. In this story, “Mama Might Be Better Off Dead,” I encounter a clear description of discrimination that exists in society.

We have presented the story of Robert Benes and his neighborhood where I realize the bridge that exists in society as a result of the low economic earnings amongst the individuals; I realize his kidney stopped functioning and could not afford the cost of sustaining s personal doctor that would instead offer him medication while at home rather than traveling to hospital where I notice that he used to go three times a week to at least intoxicating his body from the harmful substances that the average persons emit through urination as his kidney stopped functioning. A painful event is when he gets admitted at the University of Illinois to nurse the condition that he, later on, is subjected to, that is, urinating blood for a week. The cold reaction from the doctors raises eyebrows and attracts the discussions as they are not bothered by his condition as they take it as a regular occurrence.

The doctors show the essence of inhumanity in the handle of the sickling in the hospital of the low-income earners. I learn that Robert spends much of the time in the hospital rather than having a good time with the family members. It is also seen that people are discriminated against based on their racial grounds in the health facility. The racially discriminated individuals have always suffered chronic diseases, including heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, and even stroke, as they are not taken keen care of. In the era of the US, ethnic health disparities have been a consequence to address by the nation. The individuals are discriminated against based on their economic statuses since not much to offer from them to the sustenance of their medication; hence are violated in human stakes (Shavers 2012)

It is made clear that the nurse come and insert a thermometer in Robert’s mouth in a rude way to measure his body temperature, which exactly is not the authentic way of carrying out the test; when Robert asks how long he would have to stay in the hospital, the nurse gets him no response, if he inquires how he will cope with the unpleasant condition, the nurse vaguely responds to him that he may have to go for surgery without getting him an assertion of the same.


Jackie is encountered with several unacceptable conditions as her grandmother lost her legs to diabetes, her great aunt Eldora became blind out of diabetes. The dad has a stringent requirement of kidney failure, and so does the transplant that he once issued since his body did not accept the transplant. At a young age, Jackie is forced to try ends meet without any progressive move since the neighborhood offered no sense of responsibility but instead just watched how she would encounter the situation. The condition makes the humanity in the people and the well to do individuals be observed as very uncaring people (Stevenson 2021)

About the discrimination issues, there have been situations of gender harassment since, according to the researches done, an indication is realized of the trainees, more so the feminine gender receiving some inhuman treatments of sexual assault, so a to get stationed at the workplaces. Therefore, the act of the assault is always a motion to be checked into to avoid the situation. The series of occurrences are to be avoided. The same cases are reported on the patients’ medical reports that come for medications in the hospitals (Manning 2018).

The unpleasant conditions that the family of Banes’s faces is a clear indication of the very unpleasant take of society. Therefore, it is noted that discrimination forms part of the secondary feelings acquired along the development stages as it is not a factor that was brought up at birth but rather what an individual practices along the development stages. The sexual harassment alongside the discrimination discussed in the whole story is also one to be given attention to (Özcan 2011)

It is therefore noted that the discriminations that are done in line with the economic grounds of the individuals are an extreme condition, as the discriminated members have a shorter living span as it is not taken the keen interest of their wellbeing; hence others fall into traps of getting into some unbelievable conditions of not working through to making their lives stay but rather indulge in very inhuman conditions. It is therefore advised that all members of the society are supposed to be treated humanly since all have feelings, and the essence of segregation is just a clear indication of our unbearing life situations (Benfer 2020)

Therefore, I can conclude that discrimination in any other social facility has always been the reason for the increased deaths in society. The economically unstable individuals lose hope in life, resulting in cases including individuals hanging themselves and taking away their lives for no good reasons. A recommendation of humanity to all should be initiated as the slogan.




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