Sample Health Care Paper on Community Advocacy Project

1.Organization Information

The organization is called Broward health fair. It is located on 1000 Coconut Creek Blvd, Coconut Creek in Florida (33066). The contact person is Elizabeth Ordonez.

2. Overview of Organization

Broward is a non-profit and public hospital system under the stewardship of North Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners. Since its inception, the organization has been bringing awareness to the medical fields in the community by giving people the chance of interacting and experiencing the services of different health divisions. The Broward healthcare community has a history of giving out excellent services to transform lives in the community by facilitating community services and academic excellence across the years. The mission is to provide exceptional quality educational programs that fit the needs of a diverse community and offering a wide scope of services to increase the quality of life and assist members of the community to live healthier, happier lives at work and at home.  

3. Organization Participants

At the core of Broward’s services is a range of volunteers from different healthcare professions including nurses, nutritionists, radiologists, fitness and wellness specialists, physicians, and emergency responders. The volunteers consist of both seasoned professionals and students. The recipients of the services are all members of the community looking for affordable quality medical services. The education programs target all aspiring professionals and students who look to make a meaningful impact on the community.

4. Personal Motivation for Selection Broward Healthcare

I chose Broward since it is directly involved in improving the wellbeing of my community. I took part in a health fair organized by the organization since it gave me the great opportunity to bring awareness to the community about the importance of living and observing a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and a good diet. Indeed, the organization is attempting to have a profound positive impact on the community. Further, it is educating people about the importance of preventive services to ensure that good health in the area is sustainable. It is for these reasons that I feel attached to the organization.   

5. My time at the organization and the activities that I performed

I spent five hours at Broward health care services. During this time, I was involved in a Tinneti balance test and community education on optimal postural examination and fall prevention to enhance the balance of individuals during gait. Aside from these activities, I managed to interact with seasoned healthcare professionals who gave me valuable insight into the medical field that I will apply in my future career. Th activities I performed along with the insight I received have enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of community health services.

6. The Benefits realized by recipients of Broward health services

Broward’s services have an economic benefit to community members since recipients get free health screening services which are usually costly. Further, they were given free healthy food and nutrition demonstrations that will go a long way to ensure that they engage in healthy lifestyles. The services also have a social benefit since recipients get the opportunity to interact and get to know each other whilst receiving advice on how they can assist each other to increase the well-being of the community and the quality of life.  

7. The Impact to the Community if the services of Broward did not exist

The lack of Broward’s services would have an obvious economic impact since members of the community would have to pay for services that they would otherwise receive for free from the organization. Consequently, the economic impact will lead to an adverse social effect since the overall wellbeing and health of the community will decline and fewer and fewer people will get access to quality healthcare services. This will negatively affect the quality of life in the region.

8. Professional Impact

I have earned invaluable experience from Broward that will help with my career trajectory. In particular, the experience will enhance my performance as a PTA since it has enabled me to engage in public conversations while informing people on the importance of personal care. Further, I was able to engage people in discussions about common health issues and concerns. On that account, the experience has expanded my knowledge of community health and given me practical experience on how to handle patients.

9. Personal Impact

On a personal level, the experience has enabled me to learn that one needs to consider the values and beliefs of a person who he/she is treating. Such insight will enable me to administer effective medical services that fit a patient’s cultural needs.

10. General Comments

The experience was very beneficial and I would certainly continue with the organization since it helps me to develop as a person and professional. It has given me the opportunity to network with people from different disciplines to expand my medical knowledge. Further, the free services of the organization have enabled me to enhance my well-being in a positive and sustainable way.