Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Steroids


A steroid is an organic substance that is configured in a specific scientific arrangement. They include lipid cholesterol, sex hormones like testosterone and estradiol. The substance is used to boost skeletal muscles and it promotes masculine traits in both male and females. Just like lipids, steroids functions to store energy although is typically not the source of energy (Sterngass,67). The substance is usually used by body builders and weight lifters to boost the growth of the skeletal muscles and generate energy during work out.

Steroids can also be used to functions as treatments to such deficiencies as delayed puberty and other illnesses like cancer and aids.  Athletes use the substance to improve or rather boost their performance and physical appearance. The claim that the steroids are used to cure some deficiencies is correct since it is the primary reason as to why the steroids were first manufactured. It was later discovered through research that the substance can boost the growth of muscles and even store energy like lipid (Freedman,87). The fact the steroids boost the growth of skeletal muscles is justified by the physical appearance of bodybuilders who use or rather abuse the steroids.

Research has confirmed that the substance can cure above mentioned issues such as delayed puberty, cancer illness and HIV and AIDS.  Furthermore the research has also indicated that when intermittently taken, steroids usually deflects unwanted body effects and provides the body with an opportunity to recover. However, the research has also indicated that continuous use of the steroids pose a lot of danger to the body’s functionality especially the brain, the responsiveness to the drugs and the productions of body’s own testosterone hormone in males (Freedman,91). In addition, long term use of steroids can affect the brain pathways and chemicals.

Despite the above mentioned side effects, some individuals like athletes, bodybuilders and weight lifters are promoting the substance by the mere fact that they at the peak usage. Apart from users, manufacturers are also the stakeholders in as far as promotion of this substance is concerned. There are also other individual parties who promote this substance. These are none other than suppliers of the substances. By the fact that they avail the substance to the consumers, they actually promote the existence and usage of the same. Some illegally abused steroids are usually smuggled in different countries and by doing so, the smugglers promote the usage and existence of the substance under discussion.

There are better ways to improve the target areas, that is curing the above mentioned abnormalities or improve muscle growth rather than using the steroids for the same purposes. My reasons being, the use of steroids is an addictive practice and with the desire to get immediate results, users are tempted to use, misuse and abuse the substance. That one left alone, the misuse or prolonged use of steroids is dangerous to health as I mentioned earlier. The latter causes, reduced response to drugs, brain effects and even the body fail to produce its own testosterone hormones in males. When such a thing occurs, being the backbone of reproduction, the male in question will not be in a good shape to reproduce. That is why as a free and independent minded individual would suggest that a better way than this be adopted.


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