Sample Health Care Essay Paper on RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

In 1974, Barbara Eck founded RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, as an advocacy group to champion for the interest of the people living with barrenness. The objective of Eck in establishing the advocacy group was the need to foster cooperation among women with infertility and create awareness about the condition, which affects one in eight couples in the United States. At the initial stages, RESOLVE operated as a support group that met around Eck’s kitchen table. Since its establishment, RESOLVE has grown into an internationally recognized support group that operates in more than 200 communities. As one of the leading national patient advocacy organizations, the organization uses its advocacy voice to communicate the concerns and interests of women living with sterility. The organization has also established itself as the go-to organization for individuals facing challenges related to the family building. Through such initiatives, the support group seeks to ensure that it improves the lives of individuals who are affected by infertility. RESOLVE offers relatively free training and sustenance programs to local communities with the objective of meeting the needs of persons living with infertility-related diseases through its charity initiatives. The organization has been effective in addressing the needs of the target population through the support of a strong volunteer network that it continues to develop. The network has enabled RESOLVE to develop into an advocacy group that is positioned to provide relevant and effective information and support to family building initiatives.


RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association operates with the objective of providing compassionate support and timely information to individuals faced with challenges associated with sterility while raising awareness on issues of barrenness through available opportunities, such as advocacy and public education. Through these deliberations, RESOLVE engages in activities that improve the lives of members of the society who grapple with sterility.

Contribution in Health Policy

Embryo Donation Policy

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) allows for the transfer of a limited number of embryos to the uterus. RESOLVE supports the rights of couples to choose what to do with frozen embryos when they do not intend to have another baby. While recognizing the existence of diverse ethical, religious, and political perspective regarding embryo issues, RESOLVE supports couples to donate their frozen embryos to facilitate stem cell research initiatives that adhere to the medical and ethical procedures (Greenberg, Bruess & Oswalt, 2017).

Improving the Adoption Process Statement

RESOLVE recognizes adoption as one of the most viable family building options for families that are affected by infertility (Greenberg, Bruess & Oswalt, 2017). Through its advocacy initiatives for reforms in the adoption laws, RESOLVE has been effective in championing for the endorsement of the Hope for Children Act and other legislation that focuses on improving the adoption of the tax credit by advocating for its permanence. RESOLVE has also been involved in initiatives aimed at lobbying the Department of State to accelerate the enactment of The Hague Convention on Inter-country approval (Greenberg, Bruess & Oswalt, 2017). Through the policy, the United States will operate on uniform standards and procedures that facilitate the adoption of children internationally. 


RESOLVE engages in advocacy initiatives at the state and national level. These initiatives are focused on the development of effective health coverage policies for infertility, the development of effective and relevant medical research and development platform on issues of sterility with the objective of finding lasting and sustainable solutions to infections and diseases that contribute to barrenness in men and women. Through its advocacy initiatives, the organization also aims at ensuring that healthcare policies at the state and national levels integrate issue such as the adoption of benefits and access to individuals living with infertility with the desire of engaging in family building initiatives.

Major Initiatives

Support Groups

RESOLVE is a volunteer organization, which provides its programs and services through the support of healthcare institutions, the government, and corporate entities that are interested in addressing the needs of women and men living with infertility. The RESOLVE support groups, which form an integral part of the volunteer networks, are critical platforms on which participants can engage in cooperative initiatives. The initiatives empower them with knowledge and skills on how to address issues of sterility. Additionally, the support groups are platforms for validating the emotional response of members and unfolding life crisis emanating from infertility related diseases. The open environment that RESOLVE support groups creates for the members provide platform and freedom for expressing negative feelings and the identification with other participants experiencing similar problems. Through such identification processes, the support groups help members to deal with the problem of barrenness because they realize that they are not alone I the life struggles brought about by infertility.

RESOLVE has been hosting the only federal Advocacy Day in the United States. Through the initiative, the organization aims at ensuring that the interest of the infertility community is considered in health and social policies, which explains why the organization has been at the forefront of challenging federal and state legislation that interfere or limit access to the family building options. RESOLVE uses online communication platforms, such as its website in communicating advocacy updates, issues related to bill tracking and resources available for the sterility community to access relevant family building options.

Volunteer Community

RESOLVE was founded on the principle of volunteering as the easiest and most effective way of advocating for the rights of people living with infertility and increasing awareness of the condition that affects a high number of couples in the United States. Grassroots volunteering is one of the platforms through which the organization has been effective in disseminating information about its initiatives, goals, and objectives. To ensure effective operationalization, RESOLVE has been active in mobilizing and training an extensive network of grassroots advocates (PR, 2018). The ingenuity has been more noticeable at the state level where a team of  volunteers participate in advocacy initiatives such as sensitizing the public and lawmakers on matters of infertility, communication, forming meetings with community stakeholders, pursuing proposed legislation, and engaging in research and development activities.


RESOLVE is a non-profit national organization implying that it is categorized as a charitable organization. The organization derives its financial resources and support from tax-deductible contributions. These contributions are acquired from foundations, concerned individuals, and corporate entities (PR, 2018, April 25).

National Health Council

The operations of RESOLVE are those of a charitable organization with the certification of National Health Council Standards of Excellence. Through the National Health Council RESOLVE ensures that its processes meet the uppermost ethical principles and accountability. Through its activities as a patient advocacy group, RESOLVE is responsible for assuring the public that it is worthy of support.

National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW)

NIAW is an event that was founded in 1989 by RESOLVE. The annual activity is recognized at the state level, and it is characterized by innovative events. Through NIAW, the organization focuses on enlightening the public on issues of emotional and medical challenges. The assertion arises from the understanding that an increasing number of Americans are experiencing infertility. The body also highlights the family building positions that can be effective in mitigating the emotional challenges associated with infertility.

Track Record of Success

NIAW is defined by themes that are related to the prevailing conditions in the country and the dynamic needs of people living with infertility. The event continues to evolve as a public awareness campaign that provides interested members of the society with the opportunity of engaging in empowerment initiatives to make a difference in the lives of people who are infertile. Some of the activities that characterize NIAW include sharing the challenges and opportunity associated with family building journey of different individuals. RESOLVE recognizes that NIAW is a campaign that can be effective in developing a cohesive society based on the realization that infertility is a disease that does not discriminate based on religion, gender, race, socio-economic status, or sexuality (PR, 2018).

Corporate Relationships

The non-profit national organization status of RESOLVE allows it to enter into a relationship with other entities or people with the objective of furthering its mission. Through such relationships, the entity can secure financial support from businesses and individuals (PR, 2018, April 25). The organization operates on the understanding that to ensure that it is accountable and transparent in its initiatives, it must address several ethical considerations, especially when it enters a relationship with for-profit entities. The body succeeds in this initiative since it develops policies in the form of ethical principles for guiding corporate relationships (PR, 2018, April 25). Through the policy, the organization articulates clear practices and standards to corporate entities seeking to collaborate with or support RESOLVE.


Through initiatives, such as the Hope Awards, RESOLVE has been effective in recognizing the efforts of members of the community who engage in relevant and effective initiatives that are focused on improving the lives of infertile people. These awards also play a critical role in recognizing the challenges among the persons with infertility and the need for more innovative approaches to provide lasting solutions to the identified challenges (PR, 2018).


Since it was established in 1974, RESOLVE has been active in advocating for the rights of infertile people. Part of its initiatives includes seeking ways of addressing the challenges related to the family building journey, empowering members of the community with knowledge and support on how to address infertility-related challenges and increasing awareness of issues of sterility. RESOLVE operates as a volunteer-based and charitable organization with operations at the state and national levels. Through events such as NIAW and Hope Awards, the organization has been effective in rallying the government towards the adoption of policies that provide better family building operations for persons living with disabilities. The community has also been sensitized with vital information related to infertility, an assertion that arises from the understanding that infertility does not discriminate. The condition can affect the member of the society irrespective of race, gender, socio-economic status, or religion among other variables. The organization also aims at ensuring that sterile individuals are given the support and hope they need to address their challenges.


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