Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Regulatory Agency

Regulatory Agency

The agencyThe agency’s structureAgency’s effect on healthcareExample of the agencyThe agency’s regulatory authorityDealing with elements of negligence and intentional torts
The National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC)The NCCHC is a non-profit entity responsible for the accreditation and certification of healthcare firms in the U.S. NCCHC has a centralized organizational structure. The organizational structure comprises of a president and CEO, executive 4 VPs, chief HR Officer, and a General Counsel. The agency accredits, certifies, and measure standards in healthcare organizations.HCCHC’s explicit mission is to improve the general healthcare of the public. The commission is responsible for accurate evaluation of healthcare entities. It inspires the provision of safe and effective care services reflecting high quality and value to the customers. The main customers are in jails, prisons, and juvenile confinement facilities.  In general, NCCHC plays a significant role in ensuring the quality and safety of healthcare delivery systems in different facets.  An example of the agency is the International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology.   The agency facilitates the provision of quality health to all Americans both in prisons and outside prisons. The department liaises with the prison authorities to provide related services to the inmates.   The agency comprise of individuals whose primary desire is to assess and treat criminal behaviors among inmates with mental health issues. The agency’s derives its regulatory authority from the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. It liaisons with relevant agencies in ensuring the provision of organized, adequate, and quality healthcare services. Most of the services are based on the acceptable national standards. The agency strictly regulated by the NCCHC      The HCCHC uses awareness campaigns and education to inmates and healthcare professionals to reduce cases of negligence and intentional torts. Additionally, they use different quality control and assessment tools to ensure quality services to the inmates.


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