Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Healthcare policies implementation

Healthcare policies comprise laid down strategies and regulations that govern the healthcare sector to ensure efficient service delivery and implementations of the objectives using a set of procedures understandable to the health workers and the management. These policies guide and direct the healthcare sector towards better service delivery and using the code of ethics structured for the sector and healthcare institutions.

Healthcare policies have  a major impact on the healthcare institutions in that the policies help in management of funds meant for the health sector it gives guidelines on funds allocations for different sections of the institutions( Kessler  Glasgow 2011). Secondly the policies ensure the healthcare institutions maintain higher or better levels of service for the patients. The policies also create a suitable working environment for employees with structures in place for motivations and trainings to better the sector with professionalism ( Currie Suhomlinova 2006). Patients are able to find ways of expressing their grievances through the policies that are set for them.

The policies also governs the institutions mode of employments and dismissals by providing well laid out guidelines for doing so in a fair and free manner and also assist in making judgments or issues that are health related for the institutions. Policies create guidelines for amendments that support to increase efficiency and betterment of the healthcare sector in combination with the government structures which has a greater impact on the productivity. Situations where patient’s history is exposed without consent the policies offer patient privacy and protection for the patients and the healthcare providers alike.

Accountability is what sustains institutions thus policies have been put to ensure effective accountability and proper record keeping in the health sector to ensure sustainability.


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