Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Essentials of public health management

Discussion Board 3

Question One

  1. The legislation on human resource management that I find important is the Civil Rights Act 1991. I think it is essential because it allows the victims of sexual harassment at the workplace to have jury trials and claim compensation in the cases whereby the employer is either reckless, acts in malice or is indifferent to the violation of their rights.
  2. This legislation is important to job seekers in the present because it assures them of the protection of their rights at the workplace. Additionally, it directs the employers regarding the policies that should be put in place to ensure that all workers are protected from harassment, of any kind, in the workplace.

Comments on A Peer Response

            It is interesting to learn that the most important legislation to you affects you personally. The pregnancy discrimination act of 1978, was a great step in ensuring that there is gender equality in the workplace. It has been useful in protecting the rights of women in childbearing age at the workplace. However, I would advise against making it apparent that your family is more important than job to the employers. It is best to keep it discreet, even if it is true.

Question Two

  1. The ‘principle duties performed’ is vital for the applicants, as it informs them of the tasks that will be expected of them once they are hired for a job position (Fallon and Zgodzinski, 2012). It offers the applicant a chance to compare their competencies with the list’s and decide whether they qualify for a job.
  2. The career opportunity that I picked is Assistant Health Program Coordinator.
  3. I am interested in this position, as it is in line with my degree, and the experience requirements are not as limiting as those of the other positions.
  4. I would not qualify for this job after graduation, apart from requiring one to have a Bachelor’s degree it also two years’ experience.

Question Three

The type of interview that I would prefer is a behavioral interview. I would opt for it because the process would offer insight into my past successes and help in overcoming any deficit I may have regarding experience (Fallon and Zgodzinski, 2012).

Question Four

The indirect compensation elements that I would be most concerned about are benefits plans and overtime allowances (Taras, 2012). The reason for the need for indirect compensation is to gain value for time and dedication that I intend to grant this job. I am also concerned about future career growth because it would help me enhance skills, which would be of benefit to the enterprise.


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