Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Conflict


While the ultimate loss due to the conflict between the Parklands Memorial Hospital and UT Southwestern University seems to be the patient in need of medical attention, in my opinion the actual losers are the institutions. Firstly, due to their failure to place the interest of the community they intend to serve before their institutional interests, the UTSW presents the idea that their agenda supersedes that of communal development. This aspect may lead to a decline in the institution’s rapport among the locals whose enrolment and service requirement often drive the demand from such institutions. Secondly, the inability of the two organisations to reach middle ground whose results are the inconsistent delivery of patient care and poor physician collaboration presents a whiff of the possibility of poor management practice. Finally, due to their preference for privately insured clients, UTSW is silently but surely segregating the lower strata of society and subtly presenting the notion that finical restitution is Lord over their research objectives.

Like all other institutions, conflicts are as a result of divergent views and interests that lack resolutions. In the case of UTSW and the Parklands Memorial Hospital, the magnitude of dependency on UTSW by the hospital places the hospital at a disadvantage. While the major issue resulting in the stalemate is the variation in mission objectives, the hospital dependency on the University for personnel predisposes them further to the demerits of the conflict. In case the issue at hand would have been collaboration as opposed to man power, both parties would have some bargaining power, ensuring prompt resolution as one would not be able to thrive without the other. It is therefore, my opinion that the root causes of the conflict are two, the divergence in mission objectives and the dependency of Parklands Memorial Hospital on UTSW for medical personnel.