Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Concerns about Employee-Related Adverse Actions

To: Supervisor

From: Director of Human Resources

Date: January 8th, 2017

Re: Concerns about Employee-Related Adverse Actions

 I am obliged to express concern on the manner we at the Allied Health Community are handling employee complains which affects our diligent commitment to our work.  I hope you appreciate that failure to address employee complaints contributes to viable retaliation claims and the management should work at avoiding this. To fully attain efficiency in addressing employee complains, employees who participate in investigations should be protected from retaliations. It is worth noting that the management has a duty to investigate compliant thoroughly and promptly.

I am concerned about employees complain that they are being unfairly singled out for corrective actions and progressive discipline. They claim that current policies are being unfairly administered and some of the policies are out of date. Unless I fall short of any additional information on the issues, I suggest that the issues is fixed permanently by a case-by-case approach in handling complains arising from the employees (Delpo, 2017). The approach is key in timely resolving of disputes and providing a binding resolution. Additionally, the provision of a compliant procedure helps in curtailing aimless complains especially when specific policies governing complains that do not exist.

In cases where we realize errors have occurred, I recommend that as a team, we remediate the mistakes soonest possible. Going forward, I applaud that the facility considers implementing a decision-making protocol that included technical consultation and assistance from the different department in a bid to avoid errors in the future. Moreover, I comment that the individuals tackling corrective actions and progressive discipline investigate issues on employee-management relations soundly. Moreover, the team should attend training on handling employee complains. I promise to keep a close eye on upcoming trainings in our region and update the team on those trainings.

All the stakeholders in the facility share a collective responsibility to make sure that the company achieves the best in terms of employee delivery and clientele satisfactions. I understand we share a commitment to avert liability exposure for the Allied Health Community along with the individual liability exposure. I recommend that the firm aims at zero grievances from the workers despite the fact that this may not be possible in reality. This will facilitate smart, swift and successful handling of grievances and in turn trigger normal operations thus avoid disruptions and boost harmonious environment.

The employees should be informed that they need to at times solve their issues by themselves. For example, the employees should decide amongst themselves who should attend a particular training when the opportunities available are limited so that the issue does not develop into a problem. However, I will keep an open door and maintain confidentiality of the information shared by the employees. I am equipped to respond appropriately and proactively offer favorable terms for employees and continually offer excellent Human Resource services in a bid to effectively address employee complains and minimize on errors arising from employee dissatisfaction.

I appreciate the fact we uphold a strong pledge to consistent commitment of all the policies regarding employees complaints and compliance to transitional care operations.  Moreover, I know we uphold the significance of precedent in our delivery levels and the handling of matters that may be characterized by retaliatory in employee complaints and performing our duties in ethically sound manner.


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