Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Career Spectrum Scavenger Hunt

Part 1

Quality Improvement CoordinatorThe job entails managing and coordinating a healthcare team and as well as taking administrative duties in a healthcare facilityThe salary range of the position is $49,000 to $88,000 per year.
Healthcare risk management managerThe job involves overseeing and mitigating errors, accidents, and other things that can lead to a malpractice suit.The salary range of the position is $42,000 to 1$03,000 per year.
Certified diabetes educatorThe person is responsible for educating diabetic patients on diet, barriers, and general health.The salary range for the position is $42,000 to $80,000 per year.
Clinical educatorThe clinical educator is responsible for educating individuals on how to manage diseases by engaging in healthy habitsThe salary range for the position is $51,000 to $93,000 per year.
Informatics nurseThe person is responsible for examining healthcare facilities’ need for clinical IT application and deploying technology.The salary range for the position is $52,000 to 89,000 per year

Part 2

The careers that I best fit into are healthcare risk management manager and informatics nurse. The role of a healthcare risk manager suits me because I have a strong comprehension of health processes and policies that help to reduce liabilities and risk. I love the role since it will enable me to organize and implement training to ensure patient care and safety process are understood and met. The job will give me a proactive role in the healthcare system in the quest to help people. The job will help me have a meaningful impact in people’s lives. I am also interested in the role since part of it requires one to field the concerns from patients about their care and enable the institution to comply with federal and state requirements (Rubbio, Bruccoleri, & Perrone, 2016). I will need to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing to become a healthcare risk management manager.

Informatics nurse is also an attractive career option for me. The role is especially relevant in this age of fast technological advancements. As an informatics nurse, I will educate and train staff on how to use novel technology and systems in the healthcare facility. I love new innovations; thus the role will suit my passion. Another part of this job will to entail working with suppliers, staff, and IT to ensure each person is using technology in an effectively and efficiently (Yen et al, 2017). The role will enable me to play a key role in the health system by introducing meaningful technology to the facility that will help staff attend to the needs of patients effectively. I believe that technology can make a health system standout. I will use my role to ensure my facility is a leader in technology and innovations. Overall, I believe that these two roles fit my ambition and will enable me to have a steady career path. I will work hard to ensure that I can fit well in either of these roles.  

Part 3

EmployerDescriptionEmployment or internship opportunities
Parkland Health and Hospital SystemIt is a large hospital districtHealthcare risk manager.
Medical City HealthcareIt is a system that features 14 hospitalsHealthcare risk manager.
Lifecare Health PartnersIt is a private hospital systemHealthcare risk manager.
Texas Children HospitalIt is a large hospital systemInformatics nurse


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