Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Alcohol Addiction Class Meeting

Alcohol Addiction Class Meeting

During the semester I attended an Alcoholics Anonymous group known as Triple-A (Alcoholics Anonymous Assistant) based in Dallas, Texas. The group had sessions for two hours every day from Tuesday to Thursday.  During the period I attended the meetings, I felt so attached to the group and learned a lot of information concerning drug use and abuse.  During my coursework, the instructor had taken us through alcohol abuse and how it can affect the social and economic welfare of the people. However, the AAA meeting helped me get the first-hand experience with people who had been affected by alcohol and other drugs in one way or the other. I had a great but heart-touching time listening to the victims who shared testimonies of their plight in drugs. This showed me that there is a great danger for those who engage in alcohol and drug abuse. The AAA group has formed a part of their rehabilitation program as they seek to reclaim themselves from alcohol-instigated ill-health.

The primary reading we had in the meeting was about Kyle Helsworth. In the understanding, I comprehended that alcohol abuse can influence the physical, emotional, profound, social, and mental condition of a man. This thus may prompt sickness and other health issues that at extreme stages may prompt demise. Helsworth was an educator in the University of North Texas at Dallas, and he was an overwhelming alcoholic. An excess intake of liquor practically claimed his life since his liver wound up noticeably harmed as specialists indicated liver cirrhosis. The man lost his profession and did not figure out how to build up a family, and now he is getting pieces together to begin a new life starting from zero, under rehabilitation.

As per one of the group members, drugs, specifically liquor, prompted him being socially detached from his family. The man had a spouse and three children of whom he said that a year prior he didn’t know even their levels or grades in school. He could hardly spend even an hour at home nor converse with his children. Attempts from his spouse to influence him to reduce his hunger for liquor did not bear any results, and, it could not get any worse, it prompted the spouse to petition for divorce since she couldn’t endure the life the husband was leading and how it affected the kids. To top it all off, the children had stayed isolated from their dad as he gave them no affection to the extent they could neither recognize him nor call him ‘father’. At long last, the spouse chose to flee with the children leaving the man with more space to have his most loved drink. He clarified how he deceived death once, and from that point forward, he needed to visit a rehab where he looks to have his life back. Unfortunately, he lost his family whereabouts, not to know where his better half and children are until now.

There was this particular medium-sized man of 35 who shocked everybody with his discussion. He was in his third year in college taking Bachelor of Medicine just to stop his education because of Marijuana and liquor addiction. He had taken the substances too much that he turned out to be mentally contorted and couldn’t proceed with college education any longer. He revealed that he had a roommate in his school who had acquainted him with the drug and alcohol causing him to decimate such an excellent medical career. His mental condition became such major wreckage, to the point that he had to be taken to a nearby rehab where he has improved and now able to reveal the tale of his life. Marijuana and alcohol influenced him to squander an entire decade that he could have used to build up his career to be a medical specialist in surgery. Since he lost the sponsorship of his college degree, he cannot go back to class and all he can do is casual labor to earn a day’s living.

The vast majority of the members who discussed their alcohol and drug encounters explicated how their physical wellbeing deteriorated during their addiction. Some of them thought they were HIV/AIDS casualties because of strangely slim bodies. I can remember one uncovering how he utilized all his entire income in the neighborhood bar drinking and smoking. To cause further damage, they revealed how they had little time to eat quality meals and even if they took meals, they did not balance their diets to enhance their strong health. Food deficiency, in turn, caused further harm to their bodies leading to ugly physical shapes. 

During my time in college, I have seen students inquisitive to experiment with liquor and various illegal drugs. They don’t understand how serious their quest can affect them and cause serious damage in the long run. My involvement with Triple-A was a captivating and important firsthand experience as I realized the savage effects of mishandling alcohol and drugs. Everybody out there has to know the heaviness of substance addiction; perhaps this would diminish the threats associated with them (Brande & Wagener, 2016). With such experience, I chose to play a part to keep others mindful through anti-alcohol and drug campaigns on the negative effects of substance and alcohol abuse.


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