Sample Health Care Dissertation Chapter Paper on Value-Based Health care challenges, solutions, impact on Population health, and health sustainabili

Ch 5: Conclusion, discussion, implications, suggestions for future work
summary of findings
conclusion (linking to research question or hypothesis
Discussion of implications
suggestions for future research



Research Questions

Q1: How does value-based healthcare(VBHC)  impact health outcomes?

Q2: How does value-based HC impact population health (PH)?

Q3: What are the challenges to the application of value-based models?

Q4: What is needed to overcome the challenges?

Q5: How does value-based healthcare affect the sustainability of the healthcare system?


Answers should be around:

A1: implementation of value-based healthcare can potentially improve health outcomes because it shifts the provider’s attention to achieving certain outcomes and emphasizes providing improved patient care while managing costs, rather than fixing a health problem.



  • There is conflicting evidence and no definitive impact of VBHC on PH.
  • Most countries as still in the early stages of implementation.
  • The studies done focused on few populations (such as ICU patients, cardiac patients) so results cannot be generalized
  • There is lack of standardized outcome measures to draw strong conclusions



A5: it seems plausible that VBHC can have a positive impact on healthcare sustainability. However, the issue of sustainability is far more complex to be improved by payment models only. Other pieces of the puzzle, such as enabling policies, IT infrastructure, interoperability, integrated-patient focused care, upskilling health care workforce, etc….need to fit together to bring the transformation needed..