Sample Health Care Creative Writing Paper on Respiratory Therapists

We are currently using focused patient data reports and summaries in the respiratory therapeutic department. The Clinical Decision Support ensures that information on health improvement is used to determine the efficiency of service delivery. It is a computerized system that gives a report on the progress and critical patient’s data used in treatment. With the application of this system, the manager or administrator will be able to guide clinician or a respiratory therapist accordingly. At the same time, the system focuses on status development rather than diagnostic tests that patients undertake from time to time. This is because diagnosis does not represents the progress rather shows the development in treatment. Information is gathered from the patient, family members or caregivers and recorded in the system. Data required for this system includes Health history, symptoms, treatment history, lifestyle choices and biometric data. This helps the institution or the service provider identify the patient with easiness and provide the right medication in case of treatment. Then, specialists in this department make a summary from the information provided. If a patient makes some medical visits to the same hospital or comes for clinical services, then, the care provider will not have to carry out diagnostic tests rather use information available to administer treatment.

The future application of Clinical guidelines will be substantial to the practice of medicine.  A clinical guideline is a document prepared for practitioners. It may be availed through online platforms or as a physical document to stakeholders. The guideline stipulates the rules and regulations to be followed during management, treatment and diagnosis of diseases. In any professional setting, guidelines are critical because they ensure that practitioners are restricted from making illogical decisions. If a problem occurs during service delivery, the practitioner will be liable for decisions made. The management of treatment involves planning, supervision, control and handling patient during and after treatment. These activities are to be conducted consecutively. Thus, a clinician should have prior knowledge and skills to perform each of these duties to ensure that every patient access quality services at the health centre. Experts in this field are trained to diagnose and treat diseases such as emphysema, asthma and bronchitis (DeWitt 34).

The following are reasons makes clinical guidelines essential for the medics. First, guidelines are the basic principles followed in the medication process. Therefore, trained Respiratory Therapists must adhere and restrain themselves to these guidelines. If an individual’s acts contrary to these principles, then, he or she will be punished accordingly. This is because he or she has failed to observe the professional code of conduct. Second, they prevent conflict at the work place by bringing in order in the medical sector. In addition, medical officers perform specific duties and to reduce interplay or overstepping on one’s role, the document outlines the limits to which a practitioner can offer services. Third, the instructors use these guidelines to teach and instill knowledge in students. Thus, the procedure used in class will be applied at work station. This creates uniformity in service delivery (DeWitt 37).

In conclusion, Clinical Decision Support tools are either internal or external. The external environment includes customer oriented support system while internal processes look at strengthening communication systems. This makes sure that the organization has credible data that they can rely on for treatment and diagnosis processes. This saves time and money for the entity.

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