Sample Health Care Coursework Paper on Response to AndrienneBerni

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Response to AndrienneBerni

According to AndrienneBerni, cost-benefit and outcome evaluation is an appropriate tool that can be used to analyze a project. Due to the fact that the program to be evaluated has already been implemented in the community, this evaluation tool will come in hand to fine tune certain elements not covered originally. The program aims to provide valuable information on healthy living by coordinating with community stakeholders. In my view, this method can potentially support resource allocation because it breaks down costs by estimating personnel and monetary resource required at each stage of the project. Studies reveal that successful projects are gauged by how project team utilizes available budget and time (K4Health, 2017). For that matter, this method keeps track of the budget thereby ensuring effective use of resources. Further, this integrated method is useful in predicting the outcomes in respect to resource use.

Response Amy King

According to Amy King, outcome evaluation method is best suited for pediatric palliative care program. This method can effectively assess the extent to which program facets are affected in respect to variables or data elements. For this project, outcome evaluation would assess whether or not the pediatric palliative care program had a positive effect upon the quality of life of terminally and/or chronically ill pediatric patients. Furthermore, Amy King believes that cost-benefit evaluation would be effective for this project. In my view, outcome and cost-benefit evaluation methods can effectively support resource allocation. This is anchored on the fact that cost-benefit method puts into consideration the expenses to be incurred by doctors and thus justify resource allocation for the program (Moore et al., 2014). Success of this project is heavily depending on achievement of set outcomes and effective use of financial resources in form of budget allocation.


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