Sample Geology Paper on Global Warming and Historical Temperature Trends

Global Warming and Historical Temperature Trends


People hold different views about whether global climate change is occurring and, if it is, what the causes are and what we can do about it. The following websites reflect some of these differing points of view.

Based on your exploration of these and other reliable sources, please write a short essay (of about four to six paragraphs) that provides your answer to the following question:

If you were a scientist wishing to help settle the debate, what data would you collect and analyze to study whether global climate change is occurring?

Start your essay with definitions of the terms “Global Warming” and “Global Climate Change”, citing your sources, and describe the problem as you understand it. Make sure to list claims made by opposing sides in the debate. For example, describe what each side has to say about whether Global Climate Change occurring, and if it is, whether it is a cooling or a warming, and what the primary causes may be.

Describe how you would conduct a study of the issue. List which data you would collect, assuming that it were not impossible, too expensive, or overly impractical to obtain such data. Describe the information you would extract from the data and what results would be necessary to convince you and your peers that the global climate change is occurring. In your conclusion, state your opinion about why the topic is still a subject of controversy.

Your composition will be graded on the following factors:

Comprehension: You demonstrate an understanding of the situation.

Analysis: Your choice of data can be used to help resolve the controversy. Your conclusion is reflective of the stakes held by the different sides of the controversy.

Clarity: The composition is well written.