Sample Geology Essay Paper on Water Resources Specialist Associate

Job Application


Physical address

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The Recruitment Manager

Eastern Municipal District

Peris, California,


Dear Sir/ Madam,


I recently graduated from college and would wish to join your organization in the capacity of a water resources specialist associate, a position you recently advertised on Indeed. Following my graduation, I have the sufficient academic background to work in this capacity.

I also believe that I have sufficient technical skills to work in this capacity based on my past experiences during previous internships. With the skills I possess in water resources management and my academic standing, I believe I will be able to offer the organization great efficiency, and that my skills with expand the competency set of the organization.

I am also aware that the position requires one who is capable of communicating with others efficiently in both verbal and written forms. I have amazing communication skills based on my interactions with individuals in the work place and beyond. Furthermore, my knowledge of computer based communication practices is enhanced through my experience working with different applications including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I am sure this will be beneficial to your company.

I have also conducted academic and professional research in the past with respect to water resources. During such practices, I was privileged to learn a lot about conventional water resources research methodologies and practice. I also came to understand much about research data collection practices and their application in data analysis. I therefore believe that I am the right person given that your advertisement indicates that the person placed in this role should be capable of performing semi-routine and routine research work in relation to water resources management. I will even add more expanse to the core competencies as I can also conduct in-depth data analyses.

My technical, analytical and academic qualifications notwithstanding, I am also a passionate individual in terms of task completion. I work based on a task and situation driven approach which enables me to be dynamic in my decisions. This makes my work more innovative and potentially problem solving. I believe these skills are a key requirement for a specialist working in water resources management, and I would like to offer such skills to the organization.

Other skills that I possess include team management and team working skills, coordination and project management skills. As an organization, I understand that you may consider these skills as a requisite for effective work in the water resources management and I believe I am in the right direction sending you my application for the same. With these skills, my availability in the organization will provide the company with an opportunity to grow beyond its present status.

With intense passion for my work, it has been possible for me to explore new information in the field and to apply the same in my roles within any organization. I am sure this ability and passion will be of importance to the organization.

I have attached copies of my academic testimonials and my resume. I believe these will provide more detailed information about the extent of my capabilities. I am also ready to undertake an interview and to go through the entire recruitment process as soon as you would be willing to engage me. I therefore look forward to a positive response from you.

Thank you in advance,

Yours Faithfully