Sample Geology Essay Paper on Encounters with Archdruid

One of the gravest dangers historically faced by the environment is the pragmatic and economic-oriented valuation of the earth’s ecology. I agree with David Brower’s argument that there is need for wise use of our ecosystem. He held that while humans have needs that they must meet using the available resources in our environmental, it ought not to be done at the expense of the environment. This message of balancing between human needs and the inherent value of our ecosystem is the foundation of conservation movement.

            One component of the ecosystem whose existential value is critical in meeting societal needs is the numerous rivers dotting our environment. Damming these rivers, as Browser argued in the case of the Glen Canyon Dam, would destroy ecosystem both downstream and upstream. It not only interferes with the geology of rivers; it also affects the lives of various plants and animals which call these rivers home. It also endangers human lives especially through downstream flooding at the expense of profiteering. Consequently, many of the species that make up the ecosystem along these rivers and are indigenous to these areas are faced with extinction. To the proponents of the economic value of ecosystems, they are externalities.

            While the Glen Canyon Dam is classic example of imbalanced use of land, Browser’s proposal to property developer, Charles Fraser of 90/10 would have symbolized his ideology of environmental conservation. It would have ensured that 90 percent of Cumberland Island was conserved and the remaining 10 percent developed. However, the island was later bought from the property developer and turned into a conservancy. Brower’s opposition to economic valuation of the ecosystem is also evident in the Glacier Peak Wilderness case. An economic model that only encourages mineral exploitation on the mountain would destroy the environment and disadvantage future generations.