Sample Geology Essay Paper on Contemporary Environmental Issues

Question 1

Food defines people in different cultures and regions globally; the preparation, the components integrated into the food, and even the presentation are influenced by the differences in cultures. At the same time, people have different perspectives when it comes to food. While others take more time in the preparation, for others, simple approaches are the best as they help eliminate the complexity and the different elements that have to be integrated to attain the outcome. Partly, this relates to the activities and roles that people have in different regions. The fast economies place more emphasis on the skill integrated into the preparation of food and the effort that led to the preparation leading to sophisticated foods and selections while those in slow-paced economies are more concerned about the taste rather than presentation.

Question 2

Michael Pollan selected bread as  food to characterize human activity as it is viewed and prepared in different ways all across the world. With the difference in preparation, there are other regions where it also is a representation of something different from what people really know about bread. Bread is a form of food in most parts of the world; in some regions, it is a form of escort taken with tea. In other regions, it is part of the main meal, while in other regions; it is a form of snack taken with beverages. These differences Pollan uses to define bread as both a product and enabler of civilization.

Question 3

In the Arab Spring, the biggest outcry of the people was the standardization of the wheat prices to allow farmers and even small families get access to the food they required. Bread is a staple food that accompanies most of the delicacies prepared, with the increase in price for bread, demonstrations began with the people demanding standard pricing for bread. In regions where wheat farming is the main agricultural practice, volatility of the global wheat market develops an imbalance in the ability of farmers and corporations to continue operating. On a global level, the volatility of the wheat market could create a huge shortage of the resource creating a market gap with some of the regions depending on wheat forced to seek alternative food sources.

Question 4

In the series, Pollan points out that the sourdough bread prepared by Richard could be edible by people with gluten intolerances. This is because it is prepared traditionallyand the yeast included is natural. The fermentation used in the development of bacteria is done in the original long way that ensures that the bacterium fully breaks down the gluten and carbohydrates in the bread. This results in ease in the release of nutrients within the bacteria and increasing the digestion process when the bread is consumed.

Question 5

Different regions have been forced to adopt different approaches to bread making in Morocco. The environment and the climate differences fromone region to another makes it difficult to ensure that the same approach is adopted across the country. Those in the heart of the desert are forced to use a different approach to making bread that allows them to use less heat and resources available. However, the ingredients applied in making the bread are similar.

Question 6

The best approach to managing the inevitable food catastrophe is investing in modern approaches to management of the environment and increasing awareness on the involvement of the community in the development of measures necessary for the development and maintenance of standard measures of environmental management. Both in North Africa and Norway, the community is continually being involved in the management strategies to enhance the positive view towards natural environment management.