Sample Geology Coursework Paper on Small Volcanic Crystals Could Help Predict Eruptions

Weekly Report

Title: Small volcanic crystals could help predict eruptions

Author:  Science News staff

Predicting the occurrence of volcanic eruptions has been a problem in the past. As a result, it has made it difficult for authorities to provide prior warning and advisory to people so as to protect loss of life and destruction of property. Fortunately, scientists agree that there is light at the end of the tunnel thanks to a team of volcanologists from the University of Queensland, Australia, and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (Ubide and Balz 326). According to findings from their research, tiny crystals of clinopyroxenes that form deep in volcanoes may be the key for advance warnings before volcanic eruptions occur (Science News n.p). Information from their research is instrumental in ensuring timely evacuation and warning to majority of people who live in close vicinity to active volcanoes across the world.

In my opinion, information emanating from this research is credible because the researchers used modern laser technology to examine clinopyroxene crystals forming deep in the volcano. Significantly, this article is vital in future studies because it can comprehensively be used to read and examine historical layers data of both active and dormant volcanoes. The article supports class reading on monitoring volcanic eruptions. This is anchored on the premise of the research detailing how a study of these crystals can predict the occurrence of volcanic eruptions within two weeks. This gives room for advisory and communication to those living close to such volcanoes, and as a result, helping in saving lives and property. However, I believe that the prediction of volcanic eruptions has a long way to go; the research was only conducted in one volcanic mountain while different regions exhibit different volcanic characteristics.

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