Sample Geography Paper on The American Dream

Discussion Post

  1. The American Dream

In the American Dream by Cisneros, a different depiction of individual and communal desires is provided. Cisneros paints the picture of a community that lives below their desires financially in spite of having loving and cooperative social relations within the family level. Esperanza for instance, can best be linked to the American dream through her desire to leave Mango Tree and to be somewhere where her dreams could be accommodated and achieved. Her thought of the American dream is that existence which utilizes her capacity, not one which cannot accommodate her capabilities. Similarly, different people have different perceptions of the American dream. While others desire the collectiveness of family and financial security, others only desire what they lack where they are. For me the American dream changes with my circumstances.  At any given time, my dream is to be more than I am. To do more with my talents and capabilities and to be recognized for them both at the family level and in other spheres of life are part of my desires for life and for the American dream in particular. Nothing would feel better than to fully accomplish one’s desires.

  • Neighbors

“Neighbors” depicts a life of persistent insecurity threats, which subject people to lives of fear. For instance, while neighbors realize that they are lonely within the confines of their home, noticing the same kinds of feelings among their neighbors is somewhat difficult due to their feelings of insecurity. The death of Chuy cannot be blamed on Aura but on the insecurity in the society. Whereas confidence of security drives others to care about the happenings in the neighborhood, insecurity causes feelings of segregation, which eliminate liability in case of any tragic issues in the neighborhood. As much as one would say Aura should have acted differently in response to her neighbor’s situation, one should also assume Aura’s position and realize that were they the ones faced with such a dilemma, they could have acted in the same way.