Sample Geography Creative Writing Rediscovering the Golden State: California Geography


  1. a) In Selby (204), cultural landscape according to Carl Sauer is the representation of the preoccupation of a place by phenomena.

b) The most recent definition of cultural landscape today is that it is a representation of the human works and nature

  1. The gold was found initially at the Sacramento Valley in the 19th century. Marshall, a carpenter found gold flakes in the American River at the bottom of Sierra Nevada Mountains near Coloma in 1848. The influence of the Gold Rush increased the Californian population as many foreigners came to settle in California.
  2. a) Hollywood cutting edge lifestyle influenced California’s population. In the early period, California was home to those who had no acting skills. Pull factors have been economic, unemployment and money

b) Business men and developers were both in and out of the San Francisco Bay. Economic and environmental are legally pull factors

c) Farmers and agriculturalists were willingly out in the Central Valley Farm. Pull factors included environment being wet for the soil is to produce

d) In dust Bowl versus the Okies, dust refers to the people behind the great depression.  This is because there was the bed era with dust wherever.

5.         According to the population, farmers and agriculturalists were out

6.         a) Migration is the movement of people from one place to another in such of better living standards         

            b) Net migration refers to the selected movement of people in a place for specific needs

            c) Immigration refers to the inner movement of people within a region while emigration refers to the movement of people outside a particular place only

            d) International migration refers to the movement of people from places worldwide to a particular place. This form of migration also refers to overseas migration

            i) People have been moving from Asia, China, South Africa, and Mexico to California

            ii) The new origin of California is M.H

7.         a) Factors that influence migration patterns include economic stability, war, peace, migration policies, government acts, employment, food, and security.

            b) In California, these factors included economic where the Mexicans desired a better life, wars in the case of the Central Americans and warmer weather for older people.

            c) Barriers included language and unemployment

                        1. Current Dust Bowl vs. Okies; In current dust bowl is the period where dust storms are endangering the environment and agriculture causing them to migrate to from Oklahoma to California in search of better living standards. Therefore, Current dust bowls had more and severe barriers to development than okies

                        2. Place utility is defined as the character, which further defines the value of a product in relation to its place of origin

                        3. Chain migrations refer to the continuous chains of foreign immigrants who are allowed to settle in US based on the laws of permanently residency

                        4. A refugee is an immigrant who has fled his own country to a host country for fear of war or peace and desires safety

                        5. Overpopulation refers to too many residents within a place

8.         i) Recent immigrants born and the citizens vary in terms of household size (Selby 255). The immigrants are much more than the citizens are. There are at least three children in every household while the citizens have maintained at most two children per household

            ii) Citizens have a higher income than the immigrants do

            iii) Education at 25 years and older is higher among the citizens than in the immigrants

            iv) The residents hold a higher job position than the immigrants

9.         New immigrants are majorly found in the major cities. They are mostly international immigrants such as the Chinese, Indians, and Africans found mostly in Los Angeles

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