Sample Free Essay Online Paper on Socialization Process and Learning

Socialization entails the process of learning what is expected from oneself by the
community they interact with. Through socialization, individuals understand what is termed
normal and how to maintain respectful borders when interacting with others. Besides, through
socialization, humans learn unacceptable behavior and the negative treatments that accompany
behaviors outside the norm.
My personality has been largely influenced by socialization. This socialization process
since early childhood, progressing into adulthood and beyond has been crucial to learning my
culture, values, and norms, which form the basis of social contact and interaction that foster self-
development. For instance, in the family setting, I learned to communicate using my native
language, eat using a spoon, and communicate with others.
Another stage that has been critical to self-development and socialization is elementary
school. Elementary schooling allows one how to follow directions and leaders as instructed.
Obtaining basic skills of reading, problem solving and math can foster success at higher
education levels while struggles in adjustment may discourage one from trying. The probability
of poor socialization is dropping out or lack of a desire to pursue higher education, further
limiting one's employability and money-making capacity, thus the second function of economic
outcomes. Adequate socialization and proper education enhance one's opportunities to land a
dream job characteristic with higher pay, less physical engagement, higher probability of

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leadership, and generally better working and living conditions that enhance life with a longer life
Experiencing proper socialization equips an individual with the necessary skills to
develop themselves. Socialization provides the basis for becoming a part and successful fit in
society. From birth, one occupies numerous statuses, such as sibling, friend, parent, spouse,
citizen, and career. In these capacities, one must behave in certain ways to occupy these statuses
efficiently and undertake the roles effectively. The lack of proper interactions at the initial stage
of development predisposes one to fixation at some point in life, underlining the significance of